PRODUCT: The StepRamp is a loading ramp with two parallel sections. The right side is a fairly conventional ramp with rungs every 5 inches or so. The left side has steps like a ladder. The idea is to allow you to walk up into the bed of the pickup, trailer or van beside the motorcycle, eliminating the big stretch and awkward transition. A tie-down strap is included to anchor the ramp to the bumper. The two sections fold in the middle when not in use, and there’s a rubber clasp to keep them together.

OUR TAKE: This product is almost genius in its simplicity and effectiveness. The average pickup truck has become taller in recent years, requiring various two-man procedures for loading motorcycles. The StepRamp eliminates all that. Loading a bike is a one-man job that’s actually so easy that there’s nothing for a second person to do. One man walks up the ramp, and the motorcycle’s engine can be running to do most of the work. The tie-down strap eliminates the possibility that the ramp will shoot out. We know of several people who use double-track ATV ramps to accomplish the same thing, but there are problems with that. The biggest is that unloading is unnerving, because when you’re walking backwards, you can’t see your footing and can miss the rungs. The StepRamp has wide steps that are much more secure. We find that the biggest benefit is for loading adventure bikes that often weigh over 600 pounds. The construction and quality are good, and after a number of big bikes, it hasn’t bent or broken.

NEGATIVES: Right now the StepRamp only comes in one size. It’s 72 inches long, which is a good, medium length, but an adventure bike might high-center on the way up to a tall bed. On the other hand, it’s a little too long to fit in a short-bed pickup. The recommended weight rating is only 500 pounds, which is easy to exceed with a BMW or similar bike. It’s also a bit pricey. The regular price is $399, although there is an internet deal right now that takes $100 off that price.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a rare product that actually had editors fighting over it. It solves a very real problem that we often face with large motorcycles. It’s a great idea.

PRICE: $399 (regular price), $299        CONTACT: or (866) 448-8219

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