PRODUCT: The Urmosi 720 SBC (soft bar clamp) is a handlebar perch system that allows the bars to flex a full 360 degrees. The 6061-aluminum clamp housing features a split design with an internal blade system that is surrounded by a wheel of specially formulated rubber. This encapsulates the handlebar and flexes 360 degrees with 1 1/2 inches of flex at the end of the handlebar. It’s a very stout design, mounts directly to most machines with removable handlebar perches and only moves under a load. The clamp raises the handlebar bar up 3/4 inches, and they offer additional riser blocks; each of those raises the bar 1/2 inch.


OUR TAKE: This is a well-designed product that attacks an area that is hard to gauge—how much handlebar flex is too much or too little? We have tested bar clamps that add a shaker of flex, like the PHDS system, and the Flexx bars, which offer good cushion and movement but are quite heavy and drop down, changing the handlebar’s sweep angle. The Urmosi SBC completely encapsulates the handlebar in a hub of flexible material and allows it to float as you encounter hits on the trail. Just sitting on the bike, you can feel what seems like lots of flex. Interesting enough, you do not feel this when you ride. The cushioning is superb, vibration is knocked down and the feedback to your hands is eased.

One of our older testers, who has been struggling with creaky joints in his hands, reported that he could ride longer with less fatigue; his hands did not go numb. Nearly every test rider came back impressed, praising the feel and quite shocked how it moved around sitting idle but felt completely normal once riding. There were some complaints about the handlebar height, which is quite a bit taller than stock. These riders will need to fit a lower bar if they want to retain the stock ergonomics.

We always want to feel something when we make a change. The Urmosi soft-shell clamps absolutely let the rider feel less of the trail hack, less vibration and enhance the ride. They offer two rubber-insert durometers in yellow and blue. We chose the yellow, because it offers the most cushion and flex. The blue is stiffer, you feel less movement, and targets advanced pilots and motocross riders. They’re made in the USA, have a two-year limited warranty and weigh 11 ounces. These babies aren’t cheap, but the Urmosi 720 SBC clamps get an A+ rating from the Dirt Bike test crew.
PRICE: $399

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