Over the years, Doug Dubach has done it all in motocross. From winning a Supercross main event as a factory Yamaha rider to being a rough-and-tumble privateer, as well as a long-time test rider and entrepreneur, Doug has truly been a jack of all trades in racing, test riding, and product development. He has had a long-term relationship with Yamaha and was the driving force behind the development of the modern four-stroke motorcycle that Yamaha built in the late 1990s.

Born in 1963, Doug began his passion for motorcycles on a Briggs and Stratton minibike. After a few years, he got an XR75 and rode it as often as he could at Saddleback Park. He started racing just before his 15th birthday. On a Yamaha YZ80, Doug quickly moved from 80 Novice to 80 Expert in just four months!

Doug began his pro career in earnest at the 1982 Carlsbad National, finishing just behind Jeff Ward (Jeff was 9th; Doug was 10th). He continued racing Nationals until his last one in 2001. Dissatisfied with other aftermarket companies, Doug started his own accessory business. His deep understanding of products, developed through his work as a test rider and developer for Yamaha and his own DrD products, set a solid foundation for his business.

Doug remains active in vet motocross racing and holds an unbeatable record in the World Vet Championships, with 27 titles and counting! In addition, he has always exhibited a super-positive attitude when dealing with the public, a great enthusiasm for all things moto, and is a humble family man to boot.

For these qualities and more, it is with great pleasure that Doug Dubach has been selected as this year’s Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient!

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