On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you the first official look at Tyler Bowers’ Kawasaki KX500 build with an early ’90s theme appropriately named “The Unit.” Bowers had lots of help with this build but was right there getting his hands dirty every step of the process. We have new items from BRC Canada and Moose Racing featured in our 2-Stroke Hardware section. Dirt Bike Magazine video expert Travis Fant has edited together RAW two-stroke action of Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, Josh Grant, Jordan Smith, Gerad Steinke, and eventual winner Shane McElrath from the 2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm so don’t miss 2-Stroke Theater this week! If you are a fan of big-bore two-strokes there is an exclusive link to our MotoFab Industries Yamaha YZ345 build at the bottom of this post. Just click on the image for more.

Classic lines with modern technology hidden underneath. “The Unit” is one deadly machine!

The Boyesen Supercooler helps flow more coolant keeping the engine running cooler for improved power. Zoomed in you can tell Bowers and his crew really did a great job on little details. New titanium bolts and stainless steel fasteners go a long way.

Jeff at SDG hit a home run on this seat design. Has that old school feel with the new school materials and functionality. Bowers said it was exactly the look he wanted.

Docwob imports has tons of items on “The Unit,” but what stands out the most is the handmade aluminum tank. This thing is twice as cool in person. As you can imagine it’s not cheap.

Modern day brakes, aftermarket KX Guru linkage arm, custom side cases, tons of Superlite titanium hardware, and a Pro Circuit Works style pipe. This build is the definition of a sleeper project.

A complete KX450 front end was used on this build and took some modifications. Look close and you can see a small but very useful item from Trick Engineering by the lower triple clamp. Those are Xtrig clamps and A-Kit Showa fork with all kinds of factory internals that cannot be bought at your local dealer.

The engine was completely rebuilt with a mix of aftermarket and OEM parts. Tom Morgan ported the cylinder, the crank was balanced and the transmission was polished. Bowers had the plastic ignition cover and case saver Cerakoted to match.

Bowers and his crew went out of their way to use the stock front number plate and fender. He wanted to keep the classic lines of the KX500. Look behind the bottom of the number plate that grey piece is a one-off 3D printed item done by Tyler’s buddy.


There is a lot more to come on this build including a full feature in the printed magazine and of course a couple videos.




500cc two-strokes aren’t dead. The crew at BRC Racing has a kit available for 2007/16 KTM250/300 models converting it into a modern day 500cc two-stroke. The kit has everything you need including all bearings, seals, gaskets, and fasteners.
Contact : BRC Canada


OEM replacement radiators are now available through Moose Racing at approximately 50 percent less than OEM pricing. The radiators are designed to meet the exact specifications of the stock radiators.
Contact: Your Local Parts Unlimited Dealer or www.mooseracing.com


If you like the big bore machine featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out this Yamaha YZ345 built by Howard Jenkins at MotoFab Industries. Click the image below for more.


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