LEATT, Dual axis knee guards

pe_leatt2PRODUCT: Leatt’s Dual Axis hard, shell-reinforced, CE-certified, 3DF knee- and shin-guard system features an anatomically correct pivoting design, vented plates, slim shin plate and weight of 1.9 pounds per pair. It’s available in S/M, L/XL and XXL in three different color combinations.

POSITIVES: Leatt’s Dual Axis knee-guard system has a small, compact design that fits well in all types of riding pants and boots. CE-certified for impact protection, the knee guards are anatomically correct with specific right and left sides. The straps have lots of adjustment using Velcro to hold it in place, so you adjust it once and forget about. The buckle system where the strap attaches to the outer body is a slim, simple design that actually uses the main frame to lock the strap into place. We have never snagged them inside the pant or had one come unlocked. The hinge system and knee-cup action are smooth without any sticking or binding.

NEGATIVES: The lining inside is not removable, and after time they will start to smell and get crusty from sweat. Same goes for the straps.

BOTTOM LINE: The Dual Axis knee and shin guard from Leatt is perfect for the rider who might not want to wear knee braces but still wants the most protection available. One of our staff members has used the same pair since they were introduced two years ago with no mechanical issues.

PRICE: $89

CONTACT: www.leatt.com

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