PRODUCT: Ride Engineering split triple clamps are billet triple clamps featuring a split design. They have four key zones in the design:

—Optimize body position by providing a multitude of bar positions made possible with optional offset bases.

—Flex, made from 2024 aluminum, which enhances feel.

—Improved handling through the gull-wing design.

—By placing the clamp pinch bolts in the front, it allows different aftermarket hand guard mounts and added flex.

OUR TAKE: We mounted our Ride Engineering clamps on a long-term test Beta 300RR. They came from Beta Accessories, where there is a plethora of aftermarket goods for the Italian machines. The set comes with the stem and lower bearing attached to the lower clamp, as well as polyurethane cones and all hardware to attach the bar mounts. The stock lower steering race must be removed and the supplied new race installed.

Everything mounted up seamlessly, including the Beta instrument cluster that bolts to the top clamp. We set our bars in the farthest forward position for our 6-foot test rider. Once out testing, we were stoked on the cornering character, without any sacrifice to stability, and the amount of chatter and vibration to the hands seemed minimized.

Fit and finish are way high on the sano meter, and the anodized red color (there’s optional black) complemented the red Beta. This is a big-ticket item, as are most aftermarket billet clamps, but function is noticeable and the anodized billet product is a looker no doubt.

PRICE: $899.99

CONTACT: shop.betausa.com

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