ktm 450xcf w sxslide

ktm 450xcf w sxslide

PRODUCT: The SXSlide Full Plate is designed to offer enhanced protection over the stock, basic skid plate for the KTM 450XCF-W. It uses 100-percent 1/4-inch UHMW plastic, which is lightweight and incredibly durable. It features deflectors to protect the right-side water pump and a wing to protect the ignition side of the engine. Because this is a PDS machine, there is no linkage and therefore does not require a linkage guard.

OUR TAKE: First off, mounting. For some reason nearly every aftermarket skid plate is a pain in the saddle to line up and mount. SXS uses KTM mounting points on the frame and a billet crossbar mount that makes the job a simple task. As far as protection, not only is it substantially thicker than the stocker, the wings that guard the water pump and ignition are actually quite large and perform a superb job in shielding these key areas.

So, easy install. A substantial increase in protection. Lightweight and nasty strong. It’s a win-win.

Price: $135

Contact: www.sxslideplate.com