On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we unveil the Moto Whips Yamaha YZ250 Prodigy 2.0 project.  Products from Hoosier Tire and Braketech are featured in the 2-Stroke Hardware section along with a chance to download the 2019 EKS Brand goggle catalog . We packed 2-Stroke Theater with YZ250 videos and don’t miss the exclusive link to the insane Yamaha YZ345 built by Howard Jenkins from MotoFab Industries at the bottom of this post.

Just like all of the bikes built by Justin Myerson at Moto Whips the attention to detail is mind blowing. We almost feel bad about getting them dirty. The Prodigy 2.0 builds on the platform of the original but changes up the look drastically.

We have never seen this color ceramic coating used on brake calipers and master cylinders but it definitely makes them pop!

Trick coatings and parts all over the place. The longer you look at this image the more items you can see.  All the items and services on this build can be purchased directly through Moto Whips. Just give Justin your wish list and he will make it a reality.

The P3 Carbon skid plate provides a factory look and lots of case/frame protection for the YZ250 project.

Motoseat came up with his custom grey gripper cover that uses red stitching to bring out the red accents on the Decal Works semi-custom graphics set.

The carbon fiber gas tank is imported from Europe by Moto Whips for a wide variety of models and can be purchased on their website. As you can imagine they aren’t cheap but man do they look trick!

Pro Circuit big cheese Mitch Payton did some grinding on the original Prodigy build and for this version we are told he took it to the next level.  A V-Force reed cage was added and the jetting was adjusted to make sure enough race gas was supplied to the highly modified engine.

Up front Motostuff helped out with some huge braking upgrades. Their 280mm oversized front rotor and billet aluminum caliper set up are used by many top level riders.

Companies like Pro Circuit, Hinson, Decal Works, Faster USA, Motostuff, Dunlop, P3 Carbon, XTRIG, Motoseat and Cycra make the Prodigy 2.0 possible . For more information on what Moto Whips can do for you check out their website.




Iconic asphalt racing tire brand Hoosier has just released a brand new rear tire made specifically for off-road dirt bike applications. The IMX 20 is designed for soft loamy terrain and are currently being used by pro-level racers. Hoosier plans to make a complete line of tires in a variety of sizes.


The Cobra MX 270mm rotors have a special spring washer on the floater making it semi-floating model. The system is designed to provide stability in the OEM floating single action calipers yet allow for radial expansion under heat loads. Available in kits or the rotor alone.

Check out the 2019 EKS Brand Goggle Catalog. Just click the image below.


If you like the Yamaha YZ250 featured on this week’s 2-Stroke Tuesday check out this insane YZ345 from MotoFab Industries.



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