JCR and Honda extend their winning streak in Baja.


JCR riders Robby Bell and Kendall Norman continue Honda’s reign of terror in Baja as they dominated this years SCORE Tecate Baja 500.  Bell and Norman finished one of the most demanding 500 course in memory in 8 hours and 43 minutes averaging 50.5 mph and finishing 30 minutes ahead of their competition the 8x Honda piloted by Ryan Penhall and Mikey Childress.  ‘It was a great ride, glad to have gotten through clean and bring home the win’ said, Bell who hasn’t lost a SCORE race in over a year and a half.  ‘Nothing can beat a CRF450X down here, it’s an awesome bike’, Bell beamed.  The JCR ‘B’ team wasn’t so fortunate.  Caleb Gosselaar who teams with Tim Weigand unloaded hard off the 13x Honda in the first few miles of the race fracturing his collarbone and dislocating his shoulder.  Gosselaar managed to remount his bike and rode it to the first road crossing where he was met by the JCR chase van.  Wiegand made a mad dash back from milemarker 103 to his team mate and then proceeded to ride the next 360 miles solo before getting a rest from his boss, none other the King of Baja,  Johnny Campbell who brought the bike home.  

In all it was business as usual and JCR/ Honda continues its firm grasp on the the 1x plate for 2008.  

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