On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen we take an exclusive look at our latest Husky TC250 build with Pro X Racing Parts. 2-Stroke Hardware features items from Scott, X-Brand and Torc 1 that will make any premix junkie enthusiastically jump for joy. Don’t miss 2-Stroke Theater; all we have to say is aluminum framed RM250 and 2018 Fuel Injected KTMs! Scroll all the way down to see another exclusive link to our MotoWhips built CR125 Dream Bike.

Our TC250 was built with some help from Pro X Racing parts front man Dennis Stapleton. It features some very specific mods internally using a Pro X high compression piston and clutch fibers.

Faster USA built a set of wheels using their billet hubs anodized black, stainless steel spokes, blue nipples and a set of black DID Dirt Star rims for some additional strength. We wrapped them with Bridgestone rubber.

The IMS Core pegs add a ton of traction and are offered in three different lengths to fit your specific needs.

DP Motorsports brings something new to the table for Husky owners: Triple clamps sets that ensure the entire front-end won’t fall off if you remove the top clamp. Titanium hardware comes standard !

P3 Carbon is making factory-level parts available to the average guy and everyone is smiles. This build features a front disk cover and full coverage skid plate.

Oh that factory sound. We installed a Pro Circuit works finished pipe and a R304 silencer for some extra horsepower. This is a motocross build so there is no need for spark arrestor screens.

The engine received minor mods from Pro X and we teamed that with bolt-on items from Pro Circuit, P3 Carbon, IMS, Samco Sports, Faster USA, DID, DP Motorsports, Bridgestone and Seat Concepts.

Bones Bacon at Pro Circuit took care of the suspension details and we can’t wait to try it out. Look for the full test in an upcoming issue of the magazine and a video on our YouTube shortly.


When Scott goggle designers first imagined the Logger design on its High Voltage frame, they had an thought that it may be slightly ahead of it’s time. But to imagine it would still be current ten years later, no one could have predicted that! The Logger design is now available on the new Prospect in limited quantities.

Price : TBD

Contact : Your Local Dealer

Looking to replace those bent and broken stock levers without taking a second out on the house? Torc1 has you covered no matter what color machine you ride and the black finish adds a little style to your ride.

Price : Starting at $9.99

Contact :

You can almost taste the rainbow of fruit flavors! EKS has grips in just about every color imaginable. We like the super soft white ones.

Price : $ 10.95

Contact :


Have you seen our CR125 Dream Bike build ? CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MORE !

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