In this week’s 2-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen, we give you another sneak peek at our almost completed CR125 Dream Bike being built by Justin at MotoWhips. The attention to detail is insane! Two-Stroke Hardware is full of swag for the premix lover with Two-Stroke Theater featuring a bike build from each one of the four major Japanese manufacturers. Suzuki faithful scroll all the way down for a full test on our Bills Pipes RM250.

DSC_2336Titanium and coating everywhere you look! The engine was rebuilt using a Wrench Rabbit kit and lots of love. Mettec supplied all the titanium nuts and bolts while MotoWhips handled the TLC and coating. There is a complete Hinson clutch inside.

DSC_2331The sight glass on the rear master cylinder was removed and welded, coated then rebuilt internally. More Mettec titanium fasteners and check out that shock !

DSC_2332The rear caliper got all the same treatment including a titanium banjo bolt, some safety wire and a steel braided brake line from MotoStuff.

DSC_2335The anodized red Kite triple clamps really pop against the white frame and coated upper fork tubes. The MotoWhips coolant recovery system fits like a glove under the radiator shroud.

DSC_2333 This is a fourteen year old swingarm and linkage! We did not buy a new one. The amount of time and effort it took to make it look this good is mind-boggling. You can actually see dust particles on the surface. The attention to detail is amazing.

DSC_2330 More custom work on the front master cylinder teamed with titanium, safety wire, coating and steel braided lines.

DSC_2329 We could stare at this kind of stuff all day.

DSC_2326 Titanium foot pegs from Motostuff and titanium mounting pins from Mettec. Lots of bling in one picture.

DSC_2334 The forks also got the VIP treatment. Coated tubes inside and out along with lower lugs. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there! Inside everything is reworked as well.

DSC_2325 More attention to detail: Justin at MotoWhips rebuilt the entire engine. We had the cylinder reworked by Millennium Technologies making it a slightly larger bore and Tom Morgan worked some magic as well. This will be a full race gas burning machine from here on out!

DSC_2327Motostuff makes high-end parts for just about any moto machine. Check out this complete front brake caliper. We also used their brake lines, oversize front rotor kit, pegs and rear rotor for this build.

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2stroke_kitL.A. SLEEVE Cylinder Rebuild Kit features all the components to rebuild the top end. Two-Stroke Cylinder Sleeve to rebuild the cylinder. LAPC Piston with rings, clips and wrist pin. New Wrist Pin Bearing for proper piston pin to con-rod clearance. Top End Gasket Kit completes the package for smooth re-assembly.

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Barnett clutch baskets are CNC machined from the most durable aluminum available and we attach our patented “Second Generaton” stainless steel inserts which are 50% harder than before for extreme durability and to virtually eliminate grooving of the basket fingers . Precision machined oil passage windows allow more oil flow for cooler operating temperatures and longer clutch life.

Price : $ 259.00

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DSC_1043 copy

These things are great ! The Trigger is a push button, self-venting, control flow valve developed for the use with motorsport utility jugs.  Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Price: $26.99
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You won’t believe how well this works. It is the best performing cleaning solution available. The toughest dirt, grease, grime, bug splatter, brake dust and road film are all lifted with this spray on/rinse off product, leaving a sparkling, streak-free clean surface that keeps bikes looking like new. Gentle for daily washing, yet effective even for the dirtiest build-up. Contains no petroleum solvents or harsh chemicals — it’s an aqueous-based, non-flammable product that will not spot-blanch metals if thoroughly rinsed. Excellent for aluminum auto or truck wheels.

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The best part about going back and rebuilding a 14-year-old motorcycle is the power of imagination. With this build, we decided to add a modern-day twist with an old-school look. When starting a build like this, there are a few necessities one must possess. Patience is the most important, as these builds are time-consuming and never go as planned, as well as be flexible, willing to change directions at any time and have a replacement bolt kit from Specbolt or Tusk Racing, because they are lifesavers. DID YOU MISS THIS BUILD ? CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE NOW


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