On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you an exclusive look at Mike “MX Kied”Kiedrowski 1991 works Kawasaki KX125SR, built by Shane Nally with Rick Ash fine tuning the suspension and Jim Felt handling the engine work. 2-Stroke Hardware features products from Pro-Vue and Helix while 2-Stroke Theater is packed full of our latest premix burning masterpieces. Don’t miss the KTM 250 XC-W and Yamaha YZ250X shootout link at the bottom of this post.   

Coming into the 1991 season Mike Kiedroski was all about redemption. He had just got fired by factory Honda after loosing the 125cc outdoor national championship to Suzuki’s Guy Cooper by one point and all he had on his mind was winning. Kawasaki gave him 100% backing as you can see with this full works machine restored by his then mechanic Shane Nally. 

Sticker placement before custom-made decals was an art form and another aspect to being a factory mechanic.

Some engine modifications included stuffing the crank to increase crankcase pressure and reshaping the transfer ports with epoxy.

Factory triple clamps with top secret offset.

Half waffle grips in 1991 were full factory! It might not look significant now but this laid the foundation for a lot of the products we take for granted today.

Mike’s suspension was full factory dialed in by Rick Ash. This set of forks was used during that year’s MX des Nation.

Pro Circuit has been working with Kawasaki as a part of their factory effort for a long time. PC made this silencer to complement the stock-looking factory spec expansion chamber.

Titanium has always been a staple on factory machines and if you look close, this bike has it everywhere. 

In 1991 you couldn’t buy aftermarket pegs off the internet, they had to be handmade. They look rough by today’s standards but at the time these where unobtainable. Check out the safety wire. Attention to detail is what makes a factory bike. Well, that and a lot of trick parts. 

Custom rear shock mount for increased rigidity and strength.

Mitch Payton thought the bike was a “Slug,” but Jim Felt highly modified the production-based model, shaving weight any way possible and making it suite Kiedrowski’s riding style perfectly. 

In the end it all worked out for the “MX Kied” and Kawasaki. Stay tuned to our website for more on this machine as it will be featured in an upcoming video series called “Legends.” Thank you to Tom White and the Early Years Of Motocross Museum for the opportunity to shoot this piece of history. 



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