Two-stroke dirt bikes aren’t coming back because they never went away. Same goes for the companies that offer exhaust systems. There are at least a dozen that have been in business for a very long time, and they offer a wide variety of products fitting both modern bikes and vintage models.

If you’re searching for a certain bike manufacturer, each company’s website will show you whether it builds a system for that bike. For example, FMF and Pro Circuit cover a wide swath of machines (e.g., Beta, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and TM for Pro Circuit), while Bill’s covers Honda, Husaberg, HQV, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha. Good luck, and we’re all counting on you.


The Pro Circuit Works Pipe is a performance-oriented expansion chamber developed with direct ties to factory race teams and an in-house dyno team. Pro Circuit hand-welds and then pounds the seams on every works pipe to target both increased torque and additional power. The Works pipe features an unplated, oiled metal finish for its most popular two-stroke exhaust system. It features reinforced mounting brackets for durability and offers unparalleled performance and power for every two-stroke application. Increased horsepower and torque gains will quickly be noticed across the entire rpm range. The unplated, oiled metal finish requires some maintenance but really gives your bike that works look.

  • Material: Stamped AKDQ carbon steel
  • Weight: 5.0 lb.
  • Price: $249.95
  • Contact:



The Factory Fatty is FMF’s bare steel expansion chamber that is a throwback to the works or cone pipe once used by factory teams. Devoid of paint (or any plating), the Factory Fatty is shaped after hours of dyno time and field testing with racing teams. It is then molded into an exhaust system that both broadens the power and gives the power the character that each individual machine demands. Each system features hand-pounded seams for smooth flow transitions.

  • Material: Lighter-than-stock 20-gauge steel is used for the body of the pipe, while 19-gauge steel is used for the header portion.
  • Includes: Header O-rings are included.
  • Weight: 5 lb.
  • Price: $249.99
  • Contact:



The Fatty is FMF’s branded two-stroke system and has been a staple for over three decades. It’s a carbon steel system that has gone through FMF’s Tru-Flo stamping process for a proper fit and performance specs that target a broad powerband. The nickel-plated finish enhances durability, and it can be used with an FMF or stock silencer.

  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Includes: Header O-rings
  • Weight: 5.2 lb.
  • Price: $249.99
  • Contact:



The FMF Gnarly pipe is designed for the off-roader looking for a tough system. It improves the power curve where the rider needs it, offering a stronger flow of bottom power. Originally designed for the Suzuki off-road team who needed a more durable chamber for the brutal GNCC circuit, it’s made from thicker 18-gauge steel, is nickel-plated and has a longer header section that helps enhance the roll-on power needed for nasty terrain.

  • Material: 18-gauge steel
  • Includes: Header O-rings
  • Weight: 5.7 lb.
  • Price: $249.99
  • Contact:



The Platinum pipe is equipped with the same performance gains as the Works pipe but targets riding in extreme weather conditions. It is constructed of AKDQ high-quality carbon steel and includes a nickel-plated finish to reduce pipe maintenance and to help protect the chamber against the elements. The Platinum pipe also features hand-welded and pounded seams and reinforced mounting brackets and stingers for increased durability.

  • Material: Stamped AKDQ carbon steel
  • Weight: 5.1 lb.
  • Price: $249.95
  • Contact:



This is Pro Circuit’s heavy-duty, off-road-targeted expansion chamber that is beefier and more durable than its straight moto pipes. It’s constructed of heavy-duty, 18-gauge metal for increased protection from rock or crash damage. The Platinum 2 pipe is platinum-plated to protect it and has been designed to offer a stronger power gain in the low to midrange, where the off-roader needs increased tractability.


SRT Pro-Flo 2-Stroke Pipe

The SRT Pro-Flo 2-stroke pipe is a direct OEM replacement system. It’s designed to be sturdier than stock, uses a corrosive resistant Zinc plating and is robotically welded with precision seams. They target broad useable power with their Pro-Flo chamber.



The nickel-plated DEP Expansion pipe mirrors the performance of the Factory Finish system. It has a CNC-machined manifold; TIG- and MIG-welded, stamped, mild steel body parts; and will fight off abuse far better than the uncoated Factory Finish.



Nickel-plated and equipped with a thicker skin, the Armored Enduro exhaust is strong and fights to ward off the hits and smashes that occur when riding off-road. It has a CNC-machined manifold, power gains over stock and has been tested on the World Enduro circuit.



The Scalvini expansion is a true cone pipe that can trace its DNA back to the works pipes used by factory two-strokes and is built in Italy. Scalvini hand-builds each pipe to mirror the bottom performance of stock with a harder mid hit and a stronger pull on top. Each system comes with an ID tag and features a CNC-machined exhaust flange and double-wall mounting brackets for strength.



For riders looking for the same performance gain as the MX2 pipe but in a cone look, this pipe is an additional $125.00 ($374.95 total). The MX2 Cone Look pipe is a stamped unit with welding lines added that are reminiscent of the old works pipes.



Bill’s Pipes has been building expansion chambers for over three decades. Its MX2 Works pipe is made from 19-gauge carbon steel, features broad-based power gains, is hand-welded for a proper fit, and is made in the USA.



The MX2 Nickel pipe from Bill’s is identical to the MX2 Works Pipe but is double nickel-plated for improved durability and looks. It’s made from 19-gauge carbon steel, features broad-based power gains, is hand-welded for a proper fit, and is made in the USA.



Developed by Bud Racing and made by HGS (the supplier to top European teams), Bud/HGS exhaust pipes target stronger low-end response coupled with smoother overall power delivery. The goal is tractable and usable power, and the deep stamping process was developed on the tough European circuits where controllable power is key.

Material: Raw metal finish, 1/32 steel

Weight: 4.41 lb.

Price: $249



DG specializes in vintage, Evo and Revo two-stroke exhaust systems. Availability includes most popular two-stroke models from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as many from the ’90s. All are designed to match the original manufacturers’ specifications in performance and fit. DG pipe work with the stock hardware and silencer, although DG also manufactures silencers. The pipes come in a raw finish with a removable anti corrosion coating.

Material: 19-gauge steel

Weight: N/A

Price: $224.95






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