When we last reported about the GNCC series, we informed those that might have forgotten about the off-road series that Barry Hawk was leading. We also mentioned that Hawk was well on his way to his first ever motorcycle title in GNCC racing (he already has seven ATV titles under his belt). After the two-month long summer break, Hawk and crew were back at it again this past weekend.

Round 10 took place at Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, and while it was a different race, it was still the same outcome. Barry Hawk, who?s been putting throttle to hand this 2003 season, once again beat the competition for his fifth win of the season. With that win, his points advantage has increased to 67, making it nearly impossible for Jason Raines and Mike Lafferty to even come close to catching him.

The series takes a one-week break before heading to Sparta, Kentucky for round 11 of 13.

1. Barry Hawk (Yam)
2. Fred Andrews (Kaw)
3. Steve Hatch (Suz)
4. Jason Raines (Yam)
5. Mike Kiedrowski (Suz)
6. Rodney Smith (Suz)
7. Doug Blackwell (Hon)
8. Joshua McLevy (Yam)
9. Robbie Jenks (Yam)
10. Michael Lafferty (Ktm)
11. Jim Jarrett (Yam)
12. Randy Hawkins (Yam)
13. Daryl Conner (Gas)
14. Ryan Rodgers (Yam)
15. David Lykke (Yam)
16. Scott Summers (Hon)
17. Charles Mullins (Ktm)
18. Scott Watkins (Kaw)
19. Cole Calkins (Ktm)
20. Ben Bouwens (Yam)

AMA Grand National Cross Country Series’ Standings
After 10 of 13 rounds:

1. Barry Hawk, Jr. (253/5 wins)
2. Jason Raines (186)
3. Michael Lafferty (176/1 win)
4. Fred Andrews (175/1 win)
5. Robbie Jenks (140)
6. Steve Hatch (137)
7. Randy Hawkins (131)
8. Rodney Smith (108/1 win)
9. Chuck Woodford (85/2 wins)
10. Mike Kiedrowski (80)


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