It?s about that time folks; time to head to the woods of Pennsylvania for round 10 of the 13 round GNCC series. After taking a two-month hiatus, Barry Hawk and company are heading into the final stretch of what has been a surprising series thus far. For the first time in recent memory Rodney Smith is out of the points chase. Perhaps what is even more surprising is that Barry Hawk, seven-time ATV GNCC champ, has finally found his rhythm and luck after several years contesting the bike portion.

How great of a points advantage does Hawk have over the competition? 55 points to be exact over teammate Jason Raines, then you?d have to look three points back to KTM mounted Mike ?Junior? Lafferty. To give you a general idea of how commanding Barry Hawk has been these first nine rounds, he could sit out two of the remaining four races and still have a five-point advantage. What has been ?Hawk-eye?s? successful formula? Not only has he won four events, but also he has yet to place outside the top five this season. In a series riddled with rainstorms (and it looks like Taylor town could have the same weather conditions), Hawk has been charging and his Yamaha has yet to break down.

What does this mean for everyone else? Enjoy the last four races and start planning for 2004, because Hawk looks to be unstoppable.


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