Our 2003 Honda CR125 project featuring the Polisport CR Restyle Plastics is our main focus on this week’s  Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. We have new products from FMF Racing and E-Line in the 2-Stroke Hardware section along with four insane 250cc premix burning project bikes in 2-Stroke Theater for your viewing pleasure. Want more Honda CR125 content? Check out the exclusive link at the bottom of this post to another tricked out machine.

The Polisport restyle plastic kit will work on 2002-2007 Honda CR125/250 models and bolts right up to the existing stock frame and tank. No modifications required. This build features a semi-custom graphics kit with gripper seat cover from Decal Works.  Both the plastics and graphics can be bought from Decal Works.

The Galfer oversized rotor kit and Ride Engineering steel braided line add tons of stopping power. The Specbolt Nickel Wurks bolts and Dubya wheel set offer lots of bling.

We wanted a slightly different look for our FMF exhaust. It now matches the frame, swingarm, and linkage that Moto Whips restored by hand for us. Samco radiator hoses added some bling to the engine and some upgrades in the cooling department.

Ride Engineering makes a clamp set for older Honda 2-Strokes that allow the new style front fender and number plate to bolt right up. These are their older style clamps used on this build. Contact Adrian at Ride for more details. The custom fork coating and suspension was done by AHM Factory Services .

The engine was completely rebuilt using a Wrench Rabbit kit with the exception of a piston. The cylinder was repaired by Millennium Technologies and ported by Tom Morgan. All the hardware you see on the engine are Nickel Wurks from Specbolt and we added a V-Force intake for some extra punch.

This build took about 5 months to complete and required lots of hours in the garage. We had tons of help from lots of people and this was the first build we were able to use Vapor Honing Technologies VH800 wet blasting machine for some smaller items. It’s a game changer!



From time to time an innovation redefines our world. A life changing breakthrough. After days, possibly weeks of extensive exploration, research and development, the minds at FMF are thrilled usher in a new era wearable technology. At last, IT’S HERE and AVAILABLE NOW This is…
The PACH will completely change your program. Just ask Aaron Plessinger why he has a dominate the 250 Class going 1-1 all season and taking the 2018 Championships….it’s that PACH CONFIDENCE, Baby!
Contact:  www.fmfracing.com 
Disclaimer: This is a real product and no it won’t make you rip like AP.


Universal carbon fiber upper fork protection. Fits all makes and models. Clips on and off in seconds and made of a proprietary carbon fiber weave.
Contact: www.elineaccessaries.com


If you like the 2003 CR125 featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out our Moto Whips CR125 Dream Bike project. Click on the image below.


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