The MTA Two-Stroke World Championship has become a classic event in Southern California and has often attracted national riders in addition to die-hard two-stroke fans. This year the race was one of the best attended yet. The TCX Boots Open Pro Race held an intense battle that came down to the last turn of the last moto between 3-Brothers Husqvarna’s Zach Bell and Fasthouse’s Darryn Durham. Bell had won the first moto with a small gap over Durham, but it didn’t go so easy in the second race. Durham got the holshot and at one point, looked to be pulling away. Bell started to close the gap late in the race, and the last few laps were nail-biters. Bonanza Plumbing’s Mike Brown held third for much of the race, holding off charges from Justin Jones and Talon LaFontaine. Brown had DNFed the first moto with a flat tire, and was doing everything in his extensive bag of tricks to hold onto a podium position in the second race.  Eventually, LaFontaine, Jones and last year’s winner Ryan Surratt got past.  The winner wasn’t settled until  just a few feet before the checkered flag, when Bell forced Durham  into a turn too hot, then edged by. For full results, go to

Darryn Durham (159) got the holeshot and led most of the final moto, only to lose it in the last turn to Zach Bell (100).

Zach Bell never gave up, even when Durham had pulled away in the second moto.
While first and second were pulling away, third place was up for grabs in both motos.
Ryan Surratt rode Yamaha two-strokes long after it stopped being fashionable, and won last year’s MTA Two-Stroke Championship. This year he rode a Honda, but poor starts kept him out of the battle in front.
Both Justin Jones (42) and Mike Brown suffered from flat tires in the first race, but battled wheel-to-wheel in moto two. It got a little too close at one point, and Jones barely saved it. He went 19-5 for 9th, and Brown got a DNF and a 7th for 22nd.
Robbie Wageman dominated the 125 Pro class on a Fasthouse KTM.
Even in practice, LaFontaine and Durham were going for it.
Carson Carr rode to second place 125 in both motos.
In a few more years Sean Borkenhagen’s KX will qualify as a vintage bike. He was third 125 Pro.


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