Colton Udall was on top of the vets. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

WET DIRT ALERT! Round 3 of the 11-race SRA Grand Prix series took place at Glen Helen Raceway on a cool Sunday, March 18, 2018. As strange as it may seem, Southern
California received a steady supply of rain during the week leading up to this month’s race. The result was dirt that was thoroughly saturated allowing the use of the seldom-
raced ridge trails on both sides of the valley. The Glen Helen and SRA crews laid out a challenging race course that used very little of the GP and REM tracks, yet
yielded a course with lap times in the 10 minute range. Rider turnout in all classes remained strong with many new names on the entry list.

Brent Bail and the other racers in SRA round three were treated to wet ridges at Glen Helen. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

The class combinations changed a bit this month and the first race featured the Super Senior +50/60 and Women’s classes. Mike Baker sprinted away from the pack and
ended the first lap with a gap in excess of 10 seconds over second place. Mike continued to put on a riding clinic, exploiting the perfect conditions while Scott Putnam,
Craig McCall, and Greg Fountain battled over second with Putnam persevering in the end. Jeff Hughes out dueled Brent Beil and Ron Rash to win the Super Senior +50
Beginner class.

Mike Baker was back in action this month. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

Race Two featured a new look with the 65cc, 85cc, and Super Mini classes. SRA will continue to dedicate Race Two specifically to these classes in the coming months with
the thought that doing so will increase rider safety and allow all other riders and family members watch these futures of our sport. There were 11 riders in this month’s race
that runs the complete GP racecourse, but SRA expects rider turnout to improve as word of this change gets out. The Expert class winners were Tanner Fain (85cc) and
Brennen Watson (65cc).

Life is good when your trophy is taller than you and weighs more than your bike. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

Race Three now consists of the Vet 30+ and Senior 40+ riders. The pace in this class is impressive. These riders are old enough to be included in age group classes, but prove
that age is only a number. Baja champion and new father Colton Udall was the big winner in the Vet class followed by Billy Lavorci and Chris See. Brandon Woods lead
the largest class in this race, the Vet Novices, followed by Aaron Fitzsimmons and William Shue.

Brandon Woods takes advantage of rare dust-free Glen Helen. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

The fourth event in the newly revised race lineup was the 450cc, 250cc, and 125cc race. This non-age group class is segregated by motorcycle displacement and skill
level only; all ages are welcome. Track conditions for this race were still excellent. The dirt had dried with light dust appearing in a few places, but the overall wet conditions
kept the racing surface tacky and showing less square-edge bumps than usual.

Mark Samuels inherited the lead when Zach Bell ran out of gas. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

This class never disappoints and today was no different. Zach Bell put on a riding clinic on a 250 2-stroke scrubbing jumps and railing berms like the seasoned pro that he is. Mark Samuels kept Zach honest for the first several laps, but eventually dropped back slightly. In the end, Mark Samuels used his strong and steady Baja winning style to win the race as Zach Bell sat by the side of the track, his torrid pace causing his 2-stroke to run out of gas on the last lap. Talon Lafountain was also impressive, pushing his 250 4-stroke to 3rd overall.

Cash Daugherty leads the minis. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

The second month of the Pee Wee race was much more successful. Word has obviously gotten out as the rider count was up to 13. The riders (and parents) were
caught having a tremendous amount of fun. The track is fun, challenging (but not too challenging), and safe. Please help SRA grow support for this race, as this is the true
future of our sport.

Scott Putnam inthe Super Senior class. Photo by Sean Renshaw.

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