Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
Last year I purchased a 2019 Beta 300RR, and while I am loving the bike, I recently had an issue with the oil injection. The oil light on the computer continues to stay on as if the oil level is too low, even after I fill it. The bike seems to be using oil and smokes as if it’s mixing, but I’m freaked because I don’t know if the system is actually working. Is the oil pump malfunctioning?
Steve Kramer
via [email protected]

On the oil-injected Beta two-strokes, there is an oil-level gauge inside of the oil tank. It’s located on the right side of the bike under the oil tank. This gauge, while working properly, will tell you when your bike is in need of oil and will turn off once it has a sufficient amount. More than likely this is your problem. Replacing it with a new one will probably solve the issue with the crossed signals coming out of the idiot light.

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