Your summer ride plans are coming together, and the bikes are getting dialed in with the final touches. Fastway by Pro Moto Billet brings you three products from Idaho to help make those day trips and multi-day adventures the best you’ve ever had.

You know what Smokey the Bear says: if you’re hitting the national forest, BLM land or certain private properties, a spark arrester is likely required.  Fastway transforms your stock silencer into a USFS-approved spark arrester. The CNC billet-aluminum housing with screen-type spark arrester replaces the stock end cap for an ultra-clean look without having to buy a completely new silencer. Each unit is rebuildable for many years of use.
Available for most models at $149.95.

Now that the bike is legal, where are you going to put all that gear? The Fastway cargo racks are some of the toughest on the market. Designed and engineered to use the strongest points on your subframe to provide a secure mount to withstand a beating on the trail. Simply wrap straps or bungees around your gear. If you enjoy clearing trails, the chainsaw mount extensions make carrying the saws a breeze.
Cargo racks start at $149.95.

Tough just got tougher! The challenge with footpegs has always been to make it withstand the abuse but still provide innovative features that inspire confidence. The all-new stainless steel EVO-EXT footpegs are the pinnacle of durability and adjustability for the trail or track. The patented Ankle-Savers heel extension gives ultimate ankle support for those hard G-outs, cased jumps and creating more stability on the downhills. If you’re a taller rider, the EVO-EXT also has an option to adjust it lower and back for a more comfortable position, while the adjustable and customizable cleat heights make the larger footbed a dream to stand on. Fastway’s EVO-EXTs will be your new reason for standing on your bike all day long!
Fastway EVO-EXT footpeg kits start at $219.95.

For more information, visit or call (866) 466-4762.

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