Fant Files : Pro Circuit Kawasaki Comparison in the pits of Atlanta

Same tent, same bike, different set up. We compare the the two east coast 250 Pro Circuit Kawasakis.

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Adam Cianciarulo is by far the tallest rider on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team so it is no surprise his set up differs from his team mate Joey Savatgy.

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Kawasaki in stock trim offers a ton of adjustment in the footpegs and handlebars. Joey Savatgy runs a lower bar than the rest of his team mates, both east and west. Adam runs a taller mount and in fact the tallest on the team.

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A big stand out on AC’s Kawasaki KX250F is the ARC clutch lever that is much further out than his team mate.  As far as position, both riders run a neutral set up. On the front brake Adam likes his to have a progessive feel.  Justin Hill on the west coast side runs it very very touchy.

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The 2017 Kawasaki KX250F lost a good amount of weight and came to the table much thinner toward the front of the bike. The Pro Circuit mechanics explained how pleased the riders were with the bikes’ maneuverability and handling characteristics when they started testing.

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Both riders have a similar engine package. Bradon Zimmerman (AC mechanic) explained that Adam likes having the low end torque and stays progressive through to the top. The PC team does not have a dedicated motor technician so they rely on their mechanics to do the work on their own for their specific rider. You can only imagine the hours these guys pull every week to be ready for Saturday racing. The chassis are replaced at the end of the season when they move into outdoors unless damage occurs during the Supercross across season.

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You’ll find the identical Renthal sprocket gearing set up on both PC bikes. Check out the green hubs featured here on Cianciarulo’s Kawasaki. The axel blocks are pushed to the end to add straight line stability.

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Sharp foot pegs and a trick peg shield are added to the race bikes. Adam is the only rider on the team that is running his pegs in the lower position mounting holes offered by Kawasaki in stock trim. Adam also runs a slightly lower brake pedal than Savatgy as well.

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Pro Circuit does their suspension in house. We did notice an air valve at the top of the fork. Justin Brayton is running a similar fork and is considered a hybrid. Brent Duffe (Moto Concepts Mechanic) explained that the Showa fork is part air and part conventional spring. It helps with fine adjustments.

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Behind the carbon front rotor guard is an oversized rotor by Braking. Same diameter as the one offered in stock trim.

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The PC team does a ton of data acquisition during the race season. All the information provides Kawasaki with feedback to develop future models. It also helps if they make small adjustments to the maps as track conditions change through the series.

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Some may know…some may not but that little O-ring on the forks is a gauge on how far the forks are close to the bottom of the stroke. Brandon Zimmerman said it can help making adjustments at different tracks.

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Seat preference is based on the rider. Adam used to have a practice seat brought to him each race weekend because he liked the feel. That has changed and he now uses a new seat which is similar to what he is running on his practice bikes in Florida.

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The entire team runs the same Dunlop pattern on their Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250Fs.

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Passing sound can be troublesome at time but at Pro Circuit they come well prepared for any situation. Here sits a sharp looking PC Ti-6 Pro exhaust.

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Joey Savatgy bike featured with the red number plate after a solid win in Minnesota last weekend. He has a tough string of competition but Joey is determined to get a title this season after nearly landing the #1 plate last year.

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Both bikes are set up extremely stiff and very similar in feel. The only difference is that Adam, because of weight, is just a tad stiffer.

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A great quote pulled from Brandon Zimmerman… ” The great thing about Pro Circuit is we make what we sell”. The PC bikes are littered with components that the team has been developing for years by racing every weekend. You can purchase these products online or head into their store in Corona, California. You might even run into your favorite rider picking something up.

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Brandon Zimmerman bleeding the brakes today and making the final touches on his bike before a full day of racing tomorrow. Hats off to these guys who grind out the hours to make it happen every weekend.







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