PRODUCT: E Line carbon pipe guards offer OEM-replacement two-stroke exhaust pipe guards for almost every major brand of dirt bike and are available for both the FMF and Pro Circuit lines of exhaust systems. This test was on a KTM 300XC-W TPI machine. The pipe guard is manufactured using a hand-laid mix of carbon, Kevlar and high-temperature-resistant resins, equaling a total of five layers. The final product is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and it’s manufactured to be as light as possible.


OUR TAKE: This is a high-quality piece of hardware. We tested it in all conditions on our KTM 300. Woven carbon fiber is molded with a superior fit with zero gaps or fitment issues. The guard offers protection from just past the exhaust port on the header to well past the mid belly of the pipe. The low-hanging header and belly of the pipe are the most vulnerable to impacts, and the E Line guard does a nice job of fending off impact dents when the pipe kisses a rock or the belly gets attacked by a glancing blow from a stump. It will not keep the header from crushing on a major impact.
NEGATIVE: Like all pipe guards with its proximity to the expansion chamber, things can get toasty. The E Line guard wards off heat nicely, but emits a cooked fiberglass smell. 

BOTTOM LINE: With the constant potential damage and high cost of a two-stroke pipe, the one-time purchase of the E Line guard saves money in the long run and adds that cool carbon factor. They are well-built, crave abuse and super durable.
PRICE: $159.95
CONTACT: https://elineaccessories.com 

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