Dunlop has introduced the new MX33 to replace the popular MX3, a high-end motocross tire designed for intermediate-to-soft terrain. Dunlop calls the Geomax MX33 the most highly developed motocross tire they have ever produced. The advanced Apex design enhances shock absorption, and a unique compound improves durability. Block-in-block tread pattern aids in linear tracking and improved steering. Multiple block distribution provides more blocks in the rear pattern, which increases the contact patch and improves slide control. It uses a new compound for durability.

OUR TAKE: The MX3, was hugely popular for the motocross purists, and its drawbacks were few when used in its proper environment. It lacked durability any time the soil got hard-packed or rocky. We have been using the MX33 on the tracks where the conditions are appetizing and it’s a very strong performer. But, we spend much of our time in an enduro world and wanted to use the tire in our test area that has huge sand hill-climbs and during the winter is mainly soft and loose. It does get rocky in sections and has a smattering of hardpack, so our goal was to find out if the MX33 would wear evenly and not shed knobs.

The tire has great knob spacing and is quite tall, allowing it to really bite, and actually works so well that it can hurt the power when it’s under a load (like a huge sand hill). It works well in severe lean angles, offers substantial braking power in sand and loam, and even works quite well in the loose rocks since the tire has the ability to dig into loose conditions. The MX33 has a pretty firm feel for a soft-intermediate tire, and the carcass itself feels a bit stiff. This translates into deflection when the terrain gets stony or rooty. Running lower air pressure (12 psi is our standard; 10 to 11 psi when it’s muddy or rocky) helps. In our off-road setting, the knob wear has been even, though its life is on the short side for an off-roader looking for a durable rear tire. The MX33 was loved by our higher-level racers looking for a tire to hold up for a particular event. For our off-road needs, the MX33 is a great hill-climb tire, it loves mud and deep sand, but grimaces a bit when it gets hard and cobby.
Price: For a 110/80×18, MSRP is $121.90, though the pricing online is very competitive and will save you $20 to $30.

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