On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you some inside information on the brand new 2020 TM Racing USA TPI Fuel Injected 300cc 2-Stroke directly from the US imported. It has more horsepower than the carbureted model and loads more technology. Products from IMS and Ol Red are featured in our 2-Stroke Hardware section while 2-Stroke Theater is packed with four different project bikes you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check out the exclusive link to our Jeremy McGrath Bud Light KTM250SX tribute build at the bottom of this post!

The 2020 TM300FI makes four more horsepower than its carbureted cousin and yes at the moment the carbureted models are still available but it’s unclear for how long. This machine is built to comply with EURO4 standards keeping the bike legal for street use in Europe. The CEO of TM Racing USA Ralf Schmidt says Carb and Fi version are 2 totally different animals – the carb version is the typical 2stroke the Fi model is pure smoothness but both bikes need to be ridden totally differently.” 

The throttle body is kind of a mystery at this point. We haven’t got a solid answer out of TM Racing USA about who makes it. The electronic box connected to it says Mukini but we can’t find any branding on the unit itself except TM Racing. It might be a coincidence but look at the casting on the throttle body it matches the TM cases perfectly. Could it be made in house?

The oil tank is located in the right side frame down spar and holds about  23 ounces. You can see the small filler tube just in-front of the gas cap and the site glass right above the kick starter lower on the frame. This system also uses a separate oil pump.

The fuel injection system used on the 2020 TM300FI is almost identical to what you see on the KTM and Husqvarna TPI models.  TM Racing USA also commented “I was told someone from New Zealand invented the injection system and is making the technology available for everybody use it – actually there would no other explanation for me that TM uses the same setup as their competition.”

The air boxes on new two-strokes are a little more cramped then days.

Although the injection systems have the same basic design as KTM and Husqvarna, Microtech electronics are used on the 2020 TM300FI model.


It looks like fuel injected two-strokes are the future or at least for manufactures looking to sell bikes in Europe. The big push behind this technology has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with meeting new European standards. Whatever the reason we are all about seeing new technology used. We are going to start testing this machine as soon as we stop typing this so check back soon for our first impression. 



The all new IMS Coolant Recovery System(CRT) acts as a catch tank, saves the coolant from spilling out, and then returns to the radiator when cooled. On select models, notably new KTM and Husky’s, the CRT sits in the frame for easy installation and precise fit; other models may require the IMS bracket for installation elsewhere.
Contact: www.imsproducts.com


Made specifically for the powersports industry Ol Red Racing 12oz Silicone Spray works instantly with no wiping required as it lubricates protecting rubber, plastics and all metal parts. The formula is anti-static, water-repellant and guards against oxidation.
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