This week on Two-Stroke Tuesday we take a look back at one of the original Honda CR250 restyle project we did. Now remember this was before Polisport introduced their restyle kits that bolt directly into most of the stock hardware.  This kit was definitely on the raw side but got the job done. Don’t forget to check out this week’s 2-Stroke Behind the build feature located at the bottom of this post.  Kawasaki KX500 fans will not be disappointed !

The plastic update give the bike a more modern look overall but be prepared to do some fitment modifications it doesn’t just bolt right on like OEM kits.

Adrian and the crew at Ride Engineering are one the only companies still making products for older two-strokes. They have more than just CR250 Honda product available so if you are in need of something for your two-stroke build look them up! The clamps feature rubber bar mounts and are available in a variety of colors.

The Ti-2 Shorty Carbon Kevlar/Titanium Silencer is the latest piece of racing technology we offer and is guaranteed to be a favorite for most two-stroke riders. The Ti-2 is similar to the popular R-304 Silencer except it is constructed with a carbon Kevlar shell, titanium tubing and titanium end-caps. The titanium and carbon Kevlar construction offers the “factory” look and appearance while reducing weight. The Ti-2 is for closed-course racing only.

Internally the engine was completely rebuilt with Pro Circuit performing modifications on the cylinder and dialing in the power valve adjustment as well. This thing runs on very expensive VP Racing fuel only.

STI Tech 2 tires are developed to deliver traction over a wide variety of terrain and provide long tread life. The Dubya red Talon and black Excel rims add some style and strength. TM Designworks has a slide-n-Glide system available now that was designed specifically for use in MX style applications . Basically they are not as bulky as the off-road models.

The EBC 280mm Full Floating oversized front rotor kit is one of the largest on the market for motocross use and check out that carbon fiber finish.

The engine is a fire breather running on race gas. Pro Circuit did work internally and there is a host of bolt-on items from Boyesen, V-Force, Torc1 and Moto Hose.


We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, but did rethink our methods of madness. As you might have figured out from the title of the story, the 500cc two-stroke engine is out of a 2004 Kawasaki to be exact. After long hours of deliberation, the decision was made to use a steel-framed chassis. No, not a Kawasaki chassis. We instead used a main frame, swingarm and subframe of a 2013 KTM 250SX two-stroke. The oval-tubed steel KTM frame provided much-needed flex characteristics and, frankly, made it easier to chop up and weld during the fabrication stages.


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