On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you the first look at our latest Suzuki RM125 project on day 1 of the process . No clean up at all, just raw photos as soon as the bike was unloaded. This will give you an honest look at what a real project starts off as. We have a couple videos featuring RM250 builds and an RM125 build from our sister publication Motocross Action Magazine in 2-Stroke Theater all edited by Travis Fant. If you are a fan of Suzuki two-strokes you don’t want to miss the exclusive link to an RM125 build we did with LA Sleeve at the bottom of this post!

It’s never a good sign when you show up to purchase a bike and it looks like this! This 2001 Suzuki RM125project is going to take a lot of work but we already have a list of top industry professionals that want to be involved so we aren’t scared.

Lots of cleaning needed here. Good news, the crank isn’t seized up solid but scroll down there is plenty of bad news as well.

Don’t think that will buff out! The cylinder will definitely need to be repaired! Don’t worry we are just getting started keep scrolling down for more.

Wait a minute shouldn’t there be a bearing right there? Well looks like we are going to need at least 1 new case. Look at those metal shavings, you know those are in every part of the engine now.

Just like other parts of the engine the clutch has seen better days. Oh no what did we get ourselves into?

A good pressure washing will be needed here before the frame heads to powder coat. Wonder when the last time this bike wash actually washed?

More cleaning required and we might just have to send the wheels out to the crew at Dubya USA to have them rebuilt.

Now that doesn’t look like OEM Suzuki equipment. Looks like some aftermarket goodies found a way onto our 2001 RM125 project before we good ahold of it.

Suspension is definitely going to need some TLC.

Now check out this diamond in the rough! This is why we love finding older two-strokes to rescue. An original Bills Pipe & Silencer without a dent. Is that even possible? We don’t know if it should be framed the way it sits or cleaned up and reused on the project.

This image is more often the reality for us than finding a complete running bike to do a project on. Don’t mistake this as complaining because that is definitely not the case but it is nice to give everyone a true behind the scenes look. We love this process and wouldn’t want it any other way!


If you are interested in Suzuki RM125 2-Stroke builds check out this project we did awhile back with the crew at LA Sleeve. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE

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