You have seen it in action (Carson Brown CR500 Video) now see all the details of our 1997 Honda CR500 build with Carson Brown and BBR Motorsports on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works. Trust us this is not a normal CR500 rebuild project, this machine features hand fabricated parts throughout and old school A-Kit suspension. Don’t miss the exclusive link at the bottom of this post to our AEO Powersports Honda CR500 project in our Behind The Build Feature brought to you by Fly Racing .

This build has been in the works since before the Covid-19 plandemic hit and has actually been finished for awhile. Carson couldn’t wait to ride it and has already stretched one frame beyond repair! This bike is built to race and that is exactly what Carson does with it.

The engine got some major love. Here is what Dewayne Brown told us;

“This one was all about the engine.  Carson showed up with it one day and was in love.  Hes a big power two stroke kid.  One of my friends Bryan Hugaburg is a genius engineer and moto head.  He has worked in automotive and aviation at a high level.  He loves CR500s and has always said Honda left ten plus horsepower on the table with the 500.  I told him they are too fast now!  He said if it was done right it would start way easier and make super smooth power and a lot more of it.  Carson pulled the engine and took it to Bryan.  he mixed and matched cylinders and carbs, welded stuff up and sent us a math equation a mile long on what was going to go down.  Bottom line – this is the best engine Me or Carson have ever ridden.  Its pretty unbelievable how easy it starts and how long and hard it pulls.”  

The head of our video department Travis Fant getting all the detail shots needed for some upcoming videos on this machine. This was actually the fourth video Travis shot on this day, to say this man works hard is definitely an understatement ! Thanks for everything “RAW DOG”. 

Old school A-Kit set up from back in the day from legendary Honda CR500 test rider Rich Taylor.

Custom aluminum gas tank – Its skinnier and shorter than stock.

Built 500 billet engine cases  –  The stock engine cases all break out the main bearing holes and that’s a big part of the vibration problem on CR500s – This one is smooth as butter.

The frame and swingarm were modified in house at BBR Motorsports while Dubya USA took care of everything needed on the wheels.

Don’t worry you will see a lot more of this machine in both our printed magazine and on our YouTube channel with videos by Travis Fant. STAY TUNED!


The build started with a high-dollar purchase of a brand-new Honda CRF450R that would immediately get torn down to the frame. With no further use for the four-stroke engine, electronics and exhaust, those items were sold. The engine out of Don’s 1999 pride and joy would provide the power for his new CR500AF—but not before it got a complete overhaul. With the engine turning 18 years old, one side of the cases needed to be replaced.


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