James”Bubba”Stewarts 2002 factory Kawasaki KX125SR is the highlight of this weeks Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. Thanks to Ron”Money Shot”Lawson we have the images below of Stewarts race machine right before the 2002 Supercross season. 2-Stroke Hardware highlights products from Wiseco and PJ1 while 2-Stroke Theater delivers 125cc madness followed by a Cody Webb “Aftershock”! Don’t miss the exclusive link to our just released 250cc motocross shootout at the bottom this post.Until 2002 Kawasaki had farmed the 125 team out to Mitch Payton and his crew at Pro Circuit. James Stewart was important enough to to be under the Team Chevy Kawasaki tent. 

Of course nothing says factory like sand-cast cases, carbon fiber and unobtainable parts.

Before triple clamps were just another item used to bling out a machine there was this. Yes in 2002 this was insanely trick looking.

The swingarm is stock, but not for a 2002 KX125. This version is off the KX250 model, it fits right into place and features a slightly longer design. 

The works Mikuni carburetor featured a Power Jet and TPS. This unit was almost impossible to get and showed up on factory level KX125 race bikes for multiple years.

Bubbas KX125 might look stock, but the parts that make up this power-plant can’t be ordered by your local dealer. Even the gear ratios were different from the OEM version. 


WISECO RACER ELITE PISTON KITThe challenge in replacing a piston comes in choosing the proper size piston for the dimensions of the bike’s cylinder. Fortunately, Wiseco has taken the micrometer out of the equation with the Racer Elite 2-Stroke Series pistons. The secret is ArmorFit–a proprietary skirt coating that allows the piston to self-adjust to the cylinder. The Racer Elite 2-Stroke Series pistons have enough clearance for the smallest cylinder, adequate clearance for the largest cylinder, and everything in between.

Price: $108.00 and up



PJ1 Factory OEM Color Match Epoxy Paint, Honda Red is an exact match to your 1988 – 1989 CR Motorcycle Frame. Kawasaki Green is an exact match to your 1999 – 2002 KX Motorcycle frame and Yamaha Blue is an exact match to your 1998 – 2006 YZ Motorcycle Frame.

Price: $12.99



See what happens when Husqvarna, Yamaha and KTM 250cc motocross two-strokes go head to head. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE FULL SHOOTOUT!

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