The Yamaha 125 0W27 made famous in 1976 by Bob Hannah is the main focus on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. We packed 2-Stroke Theater full of small-bore two-stroke action including our 2018 125cc shootout. If you are a Bob Hannah fan, we have a bonus blast from the past at the bottom of this post thanks to legendary photographer Karel Kramer.

The liquid-cooled  0W27 shocked the world in 1976 with Bob “Hurricane” Hannah at the controls and changed the landscape of racing forever in the 125cc class. Terry Good acquired this bike around 2008, which had been sitting since the conclusion of the 1976 racing season. 

The radiator is located behind the front numberplate and this machine still has the hand-painted numbers from 1976.

The 0W27 was the first water-cooled YZ125 engine seen by the public, and the first production water-cooled YZ125 wouldn’t hit dealer floors until the 1981 models were released. This was a true “Works Bike” in every way.

That might look like the stock steel tank of the day but this version was aluminum. The tank was actually so thin Yamaha brass were afraid to hard mount it to the frame. The strap you see across the tank was their solution.

When Terry Good took possession of the 0W27 it was missing a few key parts. Terry found everything and this machine is a 100 percent original restoration of what Bob Hannah raced in 1976. Thank you Terry for letting Ron “Money Shot” Lawson shoot this piece of American Motocross history!


If you are a Bob Hannah fan check out this Blast From The Past ! Click the link our image below.

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