PRODUCT: The Tugger lift strap provides a convenient gripping point near the front or rear of your dirt bike. Most dirt bikes don’t have a place to grab that won’t toast your fingers or get your gloves all muddy. Tuggers have been used at Erzberg, Paris-Dakar, Last Dog Standing, King of the Motos, Last Man Standing, 24 Hours of Glen Helen, the ISDE, Romaniacs, and by racers and trail riders all over the world. 

Our own Ryan Koch fit his machine with the Tuggers for the Last Dog Standing. Unfortunately they don’t work well when you’re eye level with the muffler!

There are several designs, with the most extreme front Tugger being the Style 6 hard mount. Constructed using two layers of webbing, an internal stiffener and stainless steel buckles, this is the King of front-pull straps. It bolts to your triple clamp using the aluminum bushings provided—easy and secure. For dirt bikes, it mounts to the lower triple clamp. It’s easy to install, lightweight, tough and convenient.

Out back, the Style 1 Extreme Enduro rear Tugger has a rubber handle, has stainless steel buckles on the webbing assembly and should last for eons.

The Tugger straps offer an excellent way to lift your steed out of uncomfortable situations. Rather than grabbing a fender or hot exhaust, the well made Tuggers are in handy positions to help out.

OUR TAKE: We tested the Style 6 front hard-mount Tugger and the Style 1 rear with a handle at the Last Dog Standing race. They proved themselves quite valuable when the track got impassible, and we were forced into the lift and drag mode of racing. They are very well-made, offer good purchase, and while we hate to tug and drag our steed, on the KTM 300, there are limited places to grab, and these babies make it easy. These are extremely useful, and the mounting is super sano and quick.
PRICE: $29, front Style 6; $27 rear Style 1.
CONTACT: https://thetugger.com

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