PRODUCT: The evolution of the dirt bike grip has not only targeted comfort and feel, but ease of installation. It is now owned by the “lock-on” grip, where there is no gluing, safety wiring or other witches’ brews that riders were required to keep their grips from spinning on the bars. Torc1 Racing’s Defy Lock-On grip embraces feel, comfort and technological gains to make it a one-stop shop for the rider looking for new grips. It’s labeled as a 100-percent slip-free fit where the clutch side uses a CNC-machined aluminum-locking collar with a Torx T15 stainless bolt to resist slipping and corrosion. The OEM-spec throttle tube has the grip specially adhered, comes with the proper snap-in throttle cams (two- and four-strokes, plus Husqvarna/KTM two- and four-strokes) that use a 22-point spline that lets you set the waffle pattern on the grip perfectly. The grip compound is soft and tacky, using a tapered waffle pattern. The Defy grip also has knockout ends for enduro riders looking to run full-wrap handguards. 

OUR TAKE: We have been testing the Torc1 Defy grips for several months. First, installation is pure cake, though you do need a Torx wrench to cinch down the clutch grip. The throttle side is very adjustable at the snap-in cam so we could get the proper alignment, and the grip compound is seriously nice. It’s got some cush, it’s got good grip and they’re easy on our hands. We’re pumped with the durability of the grip, as they have survived several slide-outs and over 20 hours of seat time on one of our machines. They get a whopping thumbs up!

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