Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Magazines

Auto shop owners are always on the hunt for the top trends and insights in the auto tools
industry. From technical information to an in-depth look into real-world strategies for their
business, auto service professionals want it all. And this is exactly where car mechanics
magazines jump in.
Automotive mechanic magazines are written by industry professionals who have backgrounds in
areas such as operation maintenance, trucking, application engineering, etc. But with dozens
available, how do you know which one’s actually worth your money?
Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of ten top-rated automotive mechanic magazines
that are guaranteed to help you stay up to date about the new tools and equipment used in
automotive service.
Our list of top 10 automotive technician magazines is what you need to get started.
These magazines are written by master technicians and industry professionals who have
decades of experience in the auto repair shop industry.
The Top 10 Auto Repair Shop Industry Magazines for Auto Repair Shop Owners
1. MOTOR Magazine

When Did It Start?
MOTOR Magazine was founded by William Randolph Hearst in 1903.
Why Did It Start?
It was started as an informational magazine for elite car enthusiasts and technicians looking for
top-of-the-line strategies in the automotive space.
What Sets It Apart?
MOTOR magazine not only provides information on the best ways to service vehicles, but it also
has a section dedicated to information about new car models and the possible effects of
emerging tech, and technology, such as electric vehicles, on auto repair industry. It’s a great find
for technicians, managers, and owners of companies.
Auto repair shop owners can also subscribe to the digital editions of this magazine, and get
updated information about the latest trends in the auto repair shop industry anywhere!

2. Hot Rod Magazine

When Did It Start?
Hot Rod Magazine was founded by Robert E. Petersen in January 1948.
Why Did It Start?
It was started to take the place of Throttle Magazine, following its demise at the start of WW2.
Its launch also coincided with the Southern California Timing Association’s first car exposition.
What Sets It Apart?
You might be wondering what value a magazine about muscle cars, dune buggies, and drag
racing can give to repair shop owners.
But Hot Rod Magazine isn’t all about just that.
It also contains valuable insights into the most recent trends in customer desires, particularly
when it comes to subjects like performance and aesthetic car modification. And already knowing
what would better suit your customer’s car is guaranteed to get you more business!
3. Auto Service Professional

When Did It Start?
It was started in April 1958.
Why Did It Start?
It was started to provide accurate information to repair shop owners about the latest tech and
tools in the auto repair industry.
What Sets It Apart?
In addition to assisting auto shop owners and their employees in improving their technical and
problem-solving abilities, it also contains a section on the best-rated auto repair shops in the
4. Autoweek

When Did It Start?
Autoweek was started in 1958.
Why Did It Start?
Started as a motorsports newsletter, it sought to give information to automotive and motorsport
lovers that were not available through other media platforms.
What Sets It Apart?
A bi-monthly magazine, it focuses on new car evaluations and automotive developments and
events, making it a fantastic source for finding professional networking opportunities without
putting in much effort.
5. Autobody News

When Did It Start?
Autobody News was started in 1982.
Why Did It Start?
It was started as a collision repair publication.
What Sets It Apart?
Autobody Magazine has its content divided into regional and national sections. It also has
distinctive sections such as Body Shops Giving Back, which is focused on the charitable efforts
of auto repair shops around America, and Shop and Product, which includes reviews on new
auto shops and the latest tools used in the industry.
6. Road & Track

When Did It Start?
Road & Track was founded in New York in 1947.
Why Did It Start?
It was started as a source of drive reviews and comparative testing on new production
automobiles, antique cars, and race cars.
What Sets It Apart?
Besides containing information on new car accessories, it also has excellent product
recommendations for a shop owner to give to his customers.
7. Shop Owner Mag

When Did It Start?
It was started in 1963.
Why Did It Start?
It was started to provide solutions to the different issues that are present in the everyday running
of an auto repair shop.
What Sets It Apart?
It focuses on the three most important aspects of automotive service
● Brand Establishment
● Brand Operations
● Business Intelligence
8. Tech Shop Mag

When Did It Start?
Tech Shop Mag was started in May 1965.
Why Did It Start?
Tech Shop Mag was started as a resource on the newest gear and tools for auto repair shop
What Sets It Apart?
It is preferred by industry leaders as it includes a guide to the problems that are often
encountered with popular car models.
9. AutoInc

When Did It Start?
AutoInc was started in 1987.
Why Did It Start?
It was started as the official magazine of the Automotive Service Association.
What Sets It Apart?
It includes a section on the most recent government regulations influencing the auto repair
10. Ratchet + Wrench

When Did It Start?
Ratchet + Wrench was started in 1999.
Why Did It Start?
It was started to serve auto care facility owners by being a source of valuable information on the
latest technology used in the auto repair business.
What Sets It Apart?
It is the perfect source of information for an auto and tire shop owner as it covers all the crucial
aspects of an auto shop business, including operations, training and education, sales and
marketing, technology, and customer relations.

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