This turned into an FMF Back in the Day. Donnie Emler has always been one of the drivers of American made performance and his early FMF teams were the catalyst to aftermarket supported race teams. Today   every single Factory Race Team  uses and endorses some form of aftermarket power. Congrats Big D! You were and still are the man.

FMF’s Package Racer showcased their Porcupine Head, Team colored downpipe, Mikuni carb and Uncle Donnie’s port job that had racers like Marty Smith choosing his products over factory parts.


Danny LaPorte was a full Factory Suzuki rider while Warren Reid was Team Honda, but powered by FMF. Now Danny is all FMF and is Big Don’s Son in law!
Team Honda’s Marty Smith, number one and an FMF guy!



Max Eddy had a fantastic day, riding all 550 miles of the 2015 Vegas to Reno solo, and taking home a very impressive third place overall finish. | photo credit: Mark Kariya

Vegas to Reno, 2015 is in the books. Casey Folks and Best in the Desert have done an amazing job of keeping the last of the great point-to-point desert races alive.This race is undergoing a renewed surge of interest and participation from the motorcycle world, with about 100 entries this year. Most of them are riding solo. Forty-one year old Shane Esposito proved he’s still as fast in the desert as pretty much anyone by winning this year. His partner was 37-year old Francisco Arredondo. Number one-plate holder Ricky Brabec was sidelined with injury, but his partner Max Eddy rode by himself to keep the points chase alive. He led most of the race, but was eventually passed by Espo and the Purvines Racing team, led by Nick Burson. Interesting failures were the Ty Davis/Dalton Shirey team and the Dirt Bike Magazine team of Troy Vanscourt, both of which broke down after about 5 miles.
1 Francisco Arredondo (37) Lake Elsinore, CA, Shane Esposito (41) Menifee, CA
Nick Burson (30) Henderson, NV, Axel Pearson (22) Pioche, NV
Ricky Brabec (24) Hesperia, CA, Max Eddy Jr (32) Barstow, CA
Justin Morgan (25) El Cajon, CA
Clayton Hengeveld (17) Flagstaff, AZ, Thomas Harris (17) Torrance, CA
Jeff Hancock (33) Scottsdale, AZ, Matt Hancock (21) Tempe, AZ
Ricky Dahlberg (20) Reno, NV, Kyle Townsend (22) Sparks, NV, Adam Thissen (32) Reno, NV
Jeremy Gray (28) Barstow, CA, Robbie Cockrell (36) Lenwood, CA, 8 Q66
Chris Brown (32) Las Vegas, NV, Gabe Guerin (42) Las Vegas, NV
10 Steve Luly (49) Belgrade, MT, Mark Weirich (46) Bozeman, MT, Wesley Luly (20) Belgrade, MT
11 Trent Kendall (36) Glendale, AZ, Conrad Funke (39) Tucson, AZ
12 Darrel Collins (43) Yreka, CA
13 Chad Thornton (44) Farmington, NM, Alan Cameron (44) Reno, NV
14 Bret Zaro (46) Buford, GA, Casey Nelson (44) Buford, GA
15 Ronald Ezra Clapp (38) Amherstburg, ON, Canada Bradley Robert Dixon (37) Cottom, ON, Canada Barry L. Anglemyer (36) Chandler, AZ
16 Stephen Trujillo (25) Ely, NV, Aaron Trujillo (22) Ely, NV, 16 X11 106 Yamaha Jimmy “Toolbox” Oleson
17 Donald Stanley (23) San Clemente, CA
18 Donald Stanley (23) San Clemente, CA
19 Michael Skurkis (38) Henderson, NV, KTM
20 Tim Fitzpatrick (50) Yerington, NV, Joshua Fitzpatrick (25) Yerington, NV, Drew Chattin (16) Sun Valley, NV
21 Michael Burrows (30) Gilman City, MO, Bryan Hulsey (44) Washington, MO





Ken Roczen, who played a major role that helped lead the Germans to the 2012 Motocross of Nations title at Lommel, announced at round eleven of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross in Utah Saturday that he will undergo back surgery immediately following the season and will not compete at the event—a devastating blow to Team Germany.

“I’m actually getting back surgery on August 31 from before Hangtown, so I just want to get that done,” he said.

We overheard that he needs some down time and this helps pave the way. Our sources say KR wanted to race at the des Nations…bad. Sounds like his camp  pushed him to back things down and think about the Supercross season.


Cooper is in your face, says whats on his mind and doesn’t back away from anybody or anything. He’s either loathed or loved but one thing is for certain, he is the real deal. According to our key insiders Webb’s superiors prowess mated to his outdoor speed and tenacity make him the top prospect as the rider who will make the biggest impact in the next five years.

Cooper’s insolence didn’t just rupture, its been brewing!





Cody Webb hands down! Coming off of foot surgery and into the toughest off-road race in America, the TKO where he boxes early with perhaps the world’s best extreme racer Jonny Walker until he finally pulled away for another huge Tennessee Knockout Win!



FMF Racing New Carbon Fiber Heat Shields for Megabomb and Yamaha specific Heat shields.


Carbon Megabomb Heatshield (fits all Titanium and Stainless FMF Megabomb Headers)

Price $99.99

Part # 040675   (Includes clamping system)

Yamaha YZ 250/450F 2014-2016 (fits FMF or Stock OEM header)

Price $99.99

Part # 040674 (uses stock screws)

Phone 310-631-4363


Social @fmf73VX-35_KRUSH_neon_front_angL

Scorpion VX-35 Off-road Helmet


The all-new VX-35 is overflowing with features to please top off-road riders, but value priced to fit any budget. A reduced-weight, ECE/DOT certified shell and dual-EPS liner offer incredible impact protection while AirFit® cheek pad system offers atruly custom fit. The VX-35’s peak extender is ideal for sunrise and late in the day rides and on the “must have list” for mud and sand riders.

KwikWick® II antimicrobial liner delivers added comfort while absorbing moisture throughout your ride. Back home simply tug out the liner, toss it in the wash for cleaning. The chin vent is a breeze to clean, too. Just pop it open – no tools required!

Sizes XS-2XL

MSRP Solid – $129.95 / Graphics: $139.95


AMA EnduroCross racer Colton Haaker and the VX-35 Krush White/Black helmet.



Now you can carry the Pro Circuit brand with you wherever you travel and make it easy to identify your bag with the new Pro Circuit Luggage Tag. Features include an adjustable strap and I.D. card plus the iconic Pro Circuit logo. A great way to personalize your luggage and show the world you ride with the best. Pro Circuit. We Race.



Doubletake Mirror

The ultimate mirror for the true Dual Sport and Adventure Riders. Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes. Your choice of just the mirror or the entire kit which includes the mirror, an XL 6in(150mm) RAM Arm, and a 10 x 1.25 ball stud base.

Virtually indestructible


Lifetime warranty

Made in the U.S.A.

$30 – $60


Warp 9 has made it affordable for you to get into the sport of Supermoto. With Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels one bike can do it all. Supermoto on Thursday, the motocross track on Friday, the sand-dunes on Saturday… All just by swapping out your wheels!

Front wheels are included with a 320mm brake rotor and caliper adapter bracketRear wheels include an aluminum sprocket

Silver spokes and nipples are made from quality 304 stainless steel

Spokes feature straight gauge diameter construction

Colored nipples are CNC 7075T6 aluminum, which will save up to 1/2 pound over stainless nipples

These spokes and nipples will take years of abuse without binding up

White rim is powder coated, other colors are anodized

Will only work in stock rims and hubs and the Warp 9 rims and wheels

Nipple size is 6.8mm

7000 series aluminum 36-hole rim

Perfect wheel for your high performance applications

17 x 3.50 for Fronts and 17 x 4.25 for Rear wheels

$468 – $578


(719) 475-2624



Rally White:Black

The Rally is a lightweight mesh and leather motorcycle glove designed for adventure, dual sport and off-road riding. A mesh upper with a TPU knuckle protector allows for abundant airflow, while the goatskin palm provides abrasion protection should a dirt nap or pavement inspection be encountered. Index finger and thumb have the addition of Touch Tec material for use with touch screen devices.

Retail Price – $79.99

Website –




Erzberg is one of those events that just keeps giving. The 2015 Hare Scrambles, which was held in June, was just featured on NBC over the weekend, and it was a great show. Check your DVR to see if you have it. It was probably the only four-way tie in the history of motorcycle racing. The course was so difficult that Jonny Walker, Alfredo Gomez, Andreas Lettenbichler and Graham Jarvis had to help each other to get to the finish, all saying it was impossible otherwise. In the on-going contest to see who can put on the toughest race in the world, the Erzberg promoters seem to have captured the lead. Here in the U.S., the Kenda Tennessee Knockout and the Prairie Dogs Last Dog Standing both had their toughest events ever this year.  Cody Webb just smiles like they were no big deal.


We still haven’t heard the disposition of the Gas Gas factory. Last month, about a week after it was announced that the factory in Girona, Spain would close, a KTM delegation traveled there for a meeting. Stefan Pierer himself was in that meeting. The rumor is that KTM wanted to buy the trials bike portion of the business. The Spanish labor union was skeptical and hung the now-famous signs that said “KTM, this is not your home.” There hasn’t been any comment on the results of that meeting, but we’re hopeful that Gas Gas can bounce back. This week we placed our 2016 Two-stroke Buyer’s Guide on line and for the first time in years, we had no new Gas Gases. In the meantime, we just got photos of the new Cobra minis. We’re amazed and impressed with these guys, who still make the best products in their market, right here in the U.S. Check them out in the Buyer’s Guide.


ron & peteLast week we had an alignment of the stars. There were two major press introductions at the same time. Mark Tilley attended the unveiling of the Kawasaki KX450F at High-point Raceway while Ron Lawson went to Budd’s Creek for Husqvarna’s MX line. Ron still has a bunch of broken fingers from a motocross crash at Glen Helen, so he brought Pete Murray with him to do the riding. Ron wasn’t happy about the arrangement, but he and Pete did cause some concern at the White House. Mark hammed it up for the official Kawasaki press video, below. He’s seen with some very shady characters.

FATHER AND SON: Destry and Cooper Abbott


This was at the first Endurocross round of the year in Daytona, Florida. It was a very proud moment for me when Cooper made his first Pro main event!!! I also made the main that night and it was pretty cool to have both of us out there racing at the top level together! This also earned him a spot into X Games!

When is the last time you serviced your Suspension?

246ed62b0ec-031e-42c6-a7da-d69c7a8cf910Service has always been WMR Competitions passion when it comes to suspension and the customer. Since 1999 WMR has been setting up suspension for top riders throughout the world. Our experienced staff has been instrumental in the development and application of many internal parts for production suspension on Showa, KYB and WP. This goes for the big bikes, as well as the minis.Information is gathered from the customer and applied to a database derived from thousands of hours of testing with riders of all abilities, whether it is in Supercross, Motocross or Off-Road. Correct settings, spring rates and category types are chosen for the customer that is unique to the application. Our main goal is to provide the customer with a quality level of service, a personalized setup and quick turnaround. With our oil change service, everything is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and measured for wear.We recommend that customers send both their forks and shock in at the same time for all suspension re-valves, oil changes and mods to assure safe and accurate setups. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact our Suspension Department to have your suspension serviced. Shop hours are 9:00 am – 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Toll-Free at 1-(866) WMR-RACE  or email us at [email protected]Before you send in your suspension, download the service form of your bike, print it, fill it out and send it with your suspension. A sales representative will call you once we received it to go over the work you are requesting. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for suspension service (turn-around time may vary, depending on parts in stock). Once your work is completed we will contact you to verify payment and shipping information.Fork Service – $110*Fork Custom Re-Valve – $175*Shock Service – $105*Shock Custom Re-Valve – $165**Pricing will vary on model and time taken. Does not include parts and oils.(866) WMR-RACE

[email protected]




I didn’t know Bob that well but he had a big impact on myself and brother Mike. We watched him relentlessly at Bay Mare and Muntz, speed shifting his Mid Valley CZ and battling with Randy Berkley, Jim Wilson, O’Neal, Jon Miller and Mark Cook in the early days of moto. Rest in peace ‘Candyman’.



1975: Yamaha MX400, Dunes, Shadow Glen. I was in my full Ake Jonsson mode really wanting to love my 400, but feeling like it was girthy, vibrated with passion and barfed hard rather than accelerated smoothly. This was even more upsetting since Maico’s were killing it locally once people copied Willie Bauer’s factory machine and moved up the shocks. I found the set of Maico forks in Cycle News, Mike Chamberlain from Mike’s Racing Center machined up steering races so the fork would fit and I took a hammer to the tank so that the forks would clear on full lock. Pretty primitive stuff here. The front fender is a Hoss (Tony D ran them), the bars were Andre and Terry Bilton’s dad built my seat up. Larry Shoemaker worked on the shock, I had been running a White Brothers Snail pipe though it honestly it shortened an already brief powerband and naturally, dressing properly was also crucial. Daytona boots (Adolf Weil wore them), Hallman leathers, Bel Ray jersey, Bell RT, Jofa and Carrerra 98 goggles. I think at this point I was going gloveless since arm pump plagued me and I always blamed the gloves. I still do. Hey, you have to have an excuse…

Thanks to Mark Kiel for the pic!

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