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Race One – MXGP + MX2

After little bits of rain on and off throughout the weekend so far, the skies opened up in full force starting the morning of the final motos here at the 73rd running of the Motocross of Nations. Although qualifying yesterday gave us a good look at who the contenders for this year were, the poor weather being an added factor made anything possible. Slovenian and newly crowned MXGP Champion Tim Gajser started moto one out with a holeshot, but quickly was passed by MXGP class rookie Jorge Prado in just the first few turns. Within that same amount of time, disaster struck the American team with riders Justin Cooper and Jason Anderson both colliding with one another and going down hard, ripping up the side of Jason’s bike, breaking off Justin’s clutch perch and tearing up his hand as well. Prado led for a bit, but after tossing his goggles Tim Gajser found his way back by, as well s Jeffrey Herlings who had to come through the pack from a poor start. Gajser ended up with the first moto victory, followed by Herlings and Prado.

1 Gajser, Tim SLO
2 Herlings, Jeffrey NED
3 Prado, Jorge ESP
4 Seewer, Jeremy SUI
5 Paulin, Gautier FRA
6 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL
7 Monticelli, Ivo ITA
8 Olsen, Thomas Kjer DEN
9 Fredriksen, Hakon NOR
10 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED
11 Koch, Tom GER
12 Hofer, Rene AUT
13 Leok, Tanel EST
14 Östlund, Alvin SWE
15 Ferris, Dean AUS
16 Bengtsson, Filip SWE
17 Anderson, Jason USA
18 Renaux, Maxime FRA
19 Guillod, Valentin SUI
20 Horgmo, Kevin NOR
21 Ratsep, Priit EST
22 Larranaga Olano, Iker ESP
23 Webster, Kyle AUS
24 Sterry, Adam GBR
25 Cooper, Justin USA
26 Ivanovs, Davis LAT
27 Neurauter, Lukas AUT
28 Macuks, Toms LAT
29 Meara, Jason IRL
30 Geerts, Jago BEL
31 Pancar, Jan SLO
32 Olsen, Stefan Kjer DEN
33 Forato, Alberto ITA
34 Chase, Wyatt NZL
35 Docherty, Michael RSA
36 Watson, Nathan GBR
37 Laengenfelder, Simon GER
38 Raynard, Anthony RSA
39 Walsh, Dylan NZL

Race Two – MX2 + Open

In race two, it was the Estonian rider of Harri Kullas pulling the holeshot and leading the first parts of the race, before last year’s individual champion Glenn Coldenhoff found his way around the Honda rider. This wasn’t without competition, though, as Latvia’s Pauls Jonass gave it everything he had to stay up front near Coldenhoff. Great Britain’s Shaun Simpson fought his way up into the mix of the top three as well, but couldn’t move up any further. With that crash in race one, American rider Justin Cooper found himself pretty banged up heading into this one and was only able to manage a 29th, while fellow American Zach Osborne finished fifth. Glenn Coldenhoff would take the win here, followed by Pauls Jonass in second and Shaun Simpson in third.

1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED
2 Jonass, Pauls LAT
3 Simpson, Shaun GBR
4 Kullas, Harri EST
5 Osborne, Zachary USA
6 Tixier, Jordi FRA
7 Geerts, Jago BEL
8 Olsen, Thomas Kjer DEN
9 Ullrich, Dennis GER
10 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED
11 Duffy, Regan AUS
12 Sterry, Adam GBR
13 Campano, Carlos ESP
14 Webster, Kyle AUS
15 Horgmo, Kevin NOR
16 Östlund, Alvin SWE
17 Strijbos, Kevin BEL
18 Boegh Damm, Bastian DEN
19 Laengenfelder, Simon GER
20 Forato, Alberto ITA
21 Lupino, Alessandro ITA
22 Ivanovs, Davis LAT
23 Gole, Anton SWE
24 Guillod, Valentin SUI
25 Ratsep, Priit EST
26 Hofer, Rene AUT
27 Barr, Martin IRL
28 Larranaga Olano, Iker ESP
29 Cooper, Justin USA
30 Renaux, Maxime FRA
31 Wahl, Henrik NOR
32 Sandner, Michael AUT
33 Purvis, Maximus NZL
34 Irt, Peter SLO
35 Edmunds, Stuart IRL
36 Scheiwiller, Cyrill SUI
37 Pancar, Jan SLO
38 Raynard, Anthony RSA
39 Walsh, Dylan NZL
40 Vercueil, Lloyd RSA

Race Three – MXGP + Open

Once again, it was the Slovenian of Tim Gajser grabbing the holeshot for the third and final moto of the 2019 Motocross of Nations. A fall and a few other setbacks pushed him back down and out of the lead, opening up the door for Glenn Coldenhoff to get back to where he left off in moto two. Gajser never gave up, however, pulling right back up onto the heels of Coldenhoff by the end of the moto, but to no avail. Glenn Coldenhoff took the third race victory and his fourth MXoN moto win in a row, making him the man to beat when it comes to the international competition. Tim Gajser finished a close second the the Dutchman followed by Pauls Jonass again in the top three for third.

1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED
2 Gajser, Tim SLO
3 Jonass, Pauls LAT
4 Herlings, Jeffrey NED
5 Seewer, Jeremy SUI
6 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL
7 Prado, Jorge ESP
8 Anderson, Jason USA
9 Watson, Nathan GBR
10 Simpson, Shaun GBR
11 Strijbos, Kevin BEL
12 Kullas, Harri EST
13 Osborne, Zachary USA
14 Leok, Tanel EST
15 Koch, Tom GER
16 Tixier, Jordi FRA
17 Fredriksen, Hakon NOR
18 Ullrich, Dennis GER
19 Olsen, Stefan Kjer DEN
20 Macuks, Toms LAT
21 Irt, Peter SLO
22 Gole, Anton SWE
23 Paulin, Gautier FRA
24 Boegh Damm, Bastian DEN
25 Sandner, Michael AUT
26 Wahl, Henrik NOR
27 Purvis, Maximus NZL
28 Edmunds, Stuart IRL
29 Scheiwiller, Cyrill SUI
30 Ferris, Dean AUS
31 Meara, Jason IRL
32 Monticelli, Ivo ITA
33 Duffy, Regan AUS
34 Bengtsson, Filip SWE
35 Campano, Carlos ESP
36 Neurauter, Lukas AUT
37 Lupino, Alessandro ITA
38 Chase, Wyatt NZL


After a difficult loss during the 2018 Motocross of Nations, Team Netherlands is finally bringing home the Chamberlain trophy, while all being done on home soil and with a 30-point difference over the second place team. The Dutch riders had control of the day from the very beginning of the races earlier this afternoon, the result behind them is what was really fought over. Belgium took stronghold over second with a combined total of 47-points after the three races. Third place outright came down to the final moments of the third and final moto of the day, as it looked to be the five time reigning champs of France to take the final step on the podium, a mechanical failure for Jordi Tixier was the deciding factor, allowing for the team of Great Britain to take that third place position. Even with some bad luck throughout the day, the Americans were still able to finish up tied in points for fifth place, ultimately sixth with compared moto scores.

1 The Netherlands 18
2 Belgium 47
3 Great Britain 58
4 Estonia 64
5 France 68
6 USA 68
7 Germany 72
8 Latvia 73
9 Spain 73
10 Denmark 77
11 Switzerland 81
12 Norway 87
13 Slovenia 89
14 Sweden 91
15 Australia 93
16 Italy 113
17 Austria 122
18 Ireland 150
19 New Zealand 171
20 Rep. of South Africa 151
21 Poland 10
22 Portugal 16
23 Ukraine 23
24 Brazil 23
25 Russia 25
26 Czech Republic 25
27 Iceland 34
28 Lithuania 35
29 Japan 35
30 Croatia 44
31 Greece 50
32 Puerto Rico 63
33 Cyprus 58
34 Luxembourg 29

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