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PRODUCT: If you’re a KTM/Husky rider and prefer standard hand shields over full-wrap handguards but detest the flimsy nature of the stock plastic units because they offer little in the way of protection, you now have an option. The SXS Burly hand shield is built out of 1/4-inch UHMW slide-plate plastic material and is beefy. It is the same material that SXS uses for its skid plate/linkage guard and will provide protection when you slap branches at speed. The shields bolt right onto the stock KTM/Husky hand-guard mounts and are slightly larger, offering increased defense. 

OUR TAKE: There are many riders who prefer hand shields over full-wrap handguards, and the stock KTM/Husky units mount to the clutch and brake perch and are really quite sano. But, they are minimal, and other than warding off a bit of wind and a mild slap, they really don’t offer anything to protect your hands from a hard whack. The Burly guards use the stock mounts. They are really thick and have far more structure to ward off blows from the array of obstacles that beat up the off-roader. They take minutes to install and rate an A for their increased protection against hard whacks. They’re not the prettiest of items, but we’ll take function over beauty every time

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