PRODUCT: The RinseKit is a portable, pressurized water spray device.Without the use of batteries or pumps, the RinseKit stores up to 2 gallons of water from a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and provides a pressurized spray for up to four consecutive minutes.

POSITIVE: With a price tag under a hundred bucks, it’s affordable but still built to last. It holds pressure for long periods of time. We actually forgot it was filled and came back over a week later and it had the same amount of pressure as if it had just been filled. The design is compact and easily transported with a large solid handle full of water. It only weighs 24 pounds when full, or 9 pounds when empty. With the hose wrapped up and stored inside the main compartment, the RinseKit can also be used as a place to sit.

NEGATIVE: Two gallons of water is a bit on the small side for what we needed. The quick-connect fittings are made of plastic, so they are vulnerable to breaking, and one is not attached to the kit, so loosing it is easy.


BOTTOM LINE: The RinseKit is great at the track to use in between motos or in camp to hose off after a long ride. It’s small and light enough to be portable, but yet still provides enough pressurized water to actually be useful. It’s simple to use, safe for kids and is built sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of an active lifestyle. We love ours and find new uses for it every time we take it out.

PRICE: $89.99

CONTACT: www.rinsekit.com

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