PRODUCT: The new Ride Engineering split triple clamps have been designed to meet four goals: First is to optimize body position. These clamps allow for optional bar position, as well as optional offset bases for the bar mounts. The second goal was to address flex. The new split design is made from 2024 aluminum and provides better comfort and better suspension action. Third, the new gull-wing design improves handling, and last, the pinch bolts are placed in the front, allowing the use of a wider variety of aftermarket handguards, as well as added flex. Kit includes a top clamp, bottom clamp, pressed-in stem, lower bearing and lower race.

POSITIVES: The quality of the Ride Engineering product is without compromise. These billet-carved clamps are available in stock (22mm) and optional (20.5mm) offsets, as well as offering multiple anodized colors. Our test bike was a 2019 KTM 300XC-W TPI, and our tester felt a calmer, more stabilized feel while riding. He felt the stock forged clamp added to the wallowy movement of the chassis when pushing higher speeds. The Ride Engineering split clamp provided a solid feel without adding any harshness. The optional bar positions are a plus when dialing in the cockpit to the rider’s preference.

NEGATIVE: We can’t complain on quality, function or cost, as this is a high-end item for your bike. You will need to be savvy with a set of tools, as you must remove the stock lower race and replace it with the provided new race. Luckily, an excellent customer-service rep can walk you through the process.

The Ride Engineering clamp is a split design, offering some flex, versatile positions and offer several offsets for the KTM owner.

BOTTOM LINE: A set of billet top and bottom triple clamps is a big-ticket item and needs to be more than just pretty. The Ride Engineering split clamp provides quality, optional setups and function, as well as an ultra-cool bling factor
PRICE: $689.90
CONTACT: www.ride-engineering.com 

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