Race Winning Brands has multiple companies under their umbrella, and Kevin Bailey explains a few hot items from three of those companies.

REKLUSE LEFT-HAND REAR BRAKE KIT: The perfect complement to an auto clutch, Rekluse is excited to announce the return of the left-hand rear brake with several notable advancements. The new system features a Rekluse engineered and manufactured full-size billet master cylinder providing high-performance braking power while allowing riders to operate the rear brake using only their left hand. Riders keep the option and function of the rear foot pedal. The left-hand rear brake helps riders navigate challenging terrain, including steep declines and narrow ridges with ease. In addition, it provides riders the ability to use their left hand to drag the rear brake in cornering situations for better line setup and faster riding with more confidence.

ProX Racing Parts X-Ring Chains: In addition to their MX-style chains, ProX offers X-ring chains in both standard and gold finishes. These chains are manufactured to ProX’s specifications in Japan using trusted Japanese materials. Special pin and plate treatments combined with heavy press-fitted and quad-stake riveting assembly provide an unmatched combination of strength, wear resistance and stretch resistance. ProX’s X-ring-style seals are designed to minimize friction and drag by reducing seal contact surface area while still greatly extending chain life—150 percent or more over non-O-ring chains n fact. Find these chains and more product for your bike from ProX at www.pro-x.com.

JE Pistons Pro Series Piston Kits: JE Pistons’ Pro Series line offers forged piston kits for an expansive list of dirt bike and other off-road applications, old to new. Forged, engineered and machined in-house in the USA, these pistons are designed for optimum strength to maximize piston life and are available in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes—from OEM to high compression and overbore. Riders of all types are covered with this range of options—from those simply looking for improved reliability all the way up to complete race builds. Each Pro Series piston kit includes the piston, rings, wrist and wire locks under one part number.

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