Here’s a look at the new SSB that’s not only $300 less, it makes more power!

We tested the Simons Smart Body (SSB) in the March issue on a fuel-injected KX450F and came away stunned with how well in worked. Dave (the guru behind the new fuel injection system) just sent us this update concerning the latest news.  Come to find out, the SSB tested in the new issue of Dirt Bike was just a prototype. This is good news. Here are spy photos from Solidworks engineering software of the final version. It went from the 38.5mm round throat we tested to a 37.5mm ‘D’ shape throat. The results are stronger, more linear power on the bottom and 2 more HP on top on the KX 450! That’s 2 more over the 4 more we got with the prototype. The other great news is, since Dave Simon can now make all the parts himself, he saved $300 in costs and is passing that savings onto you. So the $850 for the SSB, which is the price listed in the mag, is now only $550. Dollar for dollar this has to rate as one of the best mods they’ve evaluated and can’t wait to test it.

This is the original unit (a Prototype) that we tested. It shelves the butterfly valve concept in favor of a slide design that allows for a dramatic increase in flow.

This is a breakdown of the new SSB fuel-injection system. We’ll be testing one shortly.

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