2010 FMF Makita Suzuki Off-Road Racing


Since 1992, Team FMF Suzuki Off Road has been the most successful racing program in modern off-road history. Over the years, the team has competed in National Enduros, National Hare Scrambles, Grand National Cross Country and World Off-Road Championships, and has amassed an incredible 21 championships during this time. In 2009’s prestigious Grand National Cross Country Series, Team FMF Suzuki captured 11 out of 13 podiums, and 6 overall victories in the XC1 Pro class.

With great racers and two of the best machines in production, the 2010 FMF Makita Suzuki off-road team is ready to tackle the rough and tumble courses of the GNCC circuit. Josh Strang is returning to the team after a great 2009 season, where he finished second in the XC1 Pro class, and has his sights set on nabbing the championship in 2010. With the race-ready RM-Z450 beneath him and the support of a great team, Strang will be a force this year. And Rodney Smith will be tackling the trail on the all-new RMX450Z in the Sportsman A Class. Together, Strang and Smith will be putting the FMF Makita Suzuki team on the podium and in contention for championships.

Joshua Strang 
Height 6’1
Weight 186
Class: XC1
Motorcycle: RM-Z450

Josh was born in Invernelle, New South Wales, Australia in 1988, and currently resides in Murietta, California. Josh’s father was an off-road racer and ISDE competitor, and his love of racing rubbed off on Josh at an early age. By the age of seven, Josh was already competing in the local racing circuit.

Fast forward to 2007, Josh took his first podium in the XC1 Pro class at Unadilla. The following year, Josh took several podiums, one race win, and third overall for the season.  In 2009, Josh continued to hone his skills, taking five of thirteen race wins, an additional four podiums, and placed second in the overall standings.

Major Accomplishments

2009 GNCC XC1 Class – 2nd overall

2008 GNCC XC1 Class – 3rd overall

2007 GNCC XC1 Class – 7th overall

2007 ISDE Gold Medalist

2006 Australian Off-Road Championships – 2nd overall


Rodney Smith
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 180
Class: Sportsman A Class
Motorcycle: RMX450Z

Rodney Smith is one of the most accomplished riders in the off-road racing world.  Rodney has been racing for more than 28 years and has accumulated a wide variety of titles, including GNCC champion, ISDE gold medalist, AMA Hare Scramble Series champion, and AMA National Reliability Enduro champion.

Rodney was born in Antioch, California, in 1964. He got into racing at the age of 13, and has been racing ever since. Rodney was a rising star in the local motocross circuit before he decided to try racing in South America and Europe, which lead to five Brazilian motocross championships, and a third-place finish in the 1988 FIM 250 World Motocross Grand Prix.

Eventually, Rodney retired from motocross and returned to America, but it wasn’t long before he found a new set of challenges in the off-road racing world. Rodney signed up to race for the FMF Suzuki team, and went on to win five GNCC titles.

Major Accomplishments

1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 & 2004 GNCC Champion

2001 Parts Unlimited World Off-Road Series – 2nd place

1997 AMA Hare Scramble Series Champion

1996 AMA Hare Scramble Series Champion

1995 ISDE Gold Medalist

1994 ISDE Gold Medalist

1993,1994,1995,1996 and 1998 AMA National Reliability Enduro Champion

1988 World GP Motocross 250cc – 3rd place

5-Time Brazilan Motocross Champion

Suzuki RM-Z450

Suzuki amazed the world when it introduced the first fuel-injected motocross race bike, the RM-Z450. Since then, the RM-Z450 has been the benchmark for performance, and it has the trophy collection to prove it. Every component has been carefully selected and thoroughly tested to make this machine the most competitive bike in the world, and just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, it does just that.

For 2010, the engineers at Suzuki have given the RM-Z450’s fuel-injected engine even more power throughout the rpm range, while detailed frame and suspension modifications further improve the already laser-precise handling that Suzuki’s motorcycles are famous for. All of this performance comes in a package that is slim and light, resulting in a machine that is competitive to the core, and a dominant force on the track right out of the crate. For the elite pro-level off-road racer like Josh Strang, this is the ultimate weapon; the hardcore racer on the hardcore race machine will be collecting wins in 2010.

Suzuki RMX450Z

Suzuki had one goal in mind when they developed the RMX450Z, and that was to take the class-leading performance of the RM-Z450, and translate it into an off-road machine capable of dominating the trails the way its motocrosser brother dominates the track. To accomplish this task, Suzuki’s engineers have taken the best parts of the RM-Z450, like its advanced fuel-injection system, powerful engine, lightweight frame, and high-performance suspension components, and given them the subtle tweaks and adjustments needed to really make them shine in the off-road arena. The final product is a dedicated off-road machine with the soul of a hardcore racer. With the RMX450Z, Suzuki has once again set a new standard for performance with this cutting-edge off-road motorcycle design. Rodney Smith will be riding the RMX in the morning GNCC class and showing everyone what the off-road machine is made of.

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