On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we check in with Charles and the crew at mXrevival on their latest Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke build. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this machine in your garage, all the details are at the bottom of this post! Also at the bottom of this post is an exclusive link to another YZ250 project with Jeremy McGrath that you won’t want to miss.

We started your giveaway bike build with a well-worked 2002 Yamaha YZ250. The bike was literally just a non-running display bike for mXrevival’s Ducatio Neon Red YZ Revolution Kit…. complete with bad crank bearings.
Themed after a Decepticon Jet in the 1980’s “Transformers” cartoon – Project Thundercracker AKA: THNDRCRAKR was born. Each part of your old YZ broke down easily despite it’s 20 years of service. We even landed a set of SSS Suspension form a YZF for both front & rear on this epic build. Steel frame flex + SSS = bliss.
Your engine also came apart seamlessly, and was immediately packed & shipped to two of mXreviva’s Build Team Members. All of your engine internals were sent to Jim Haeseker of Haeseker Racing engines for transmission inspection, crank rebuild / balance & upcoming assembly. Meanwhile, your cases, clamps, brakes, and much more were sent to Sano Metal Finishing for custom ceramic coatings (a metric ton of them).
mXrevival decided to go with a Honda Whits color scheme on all three frame pieces. Main frame, swingfarm, and subframe. The finish is flawless & every thread was prepped & plugged just right. Now it’s time to build! This white base will create tons of contrast as your YZ starts to go back together.
While literally all of THNDRCRAKR’s bits were out getting the treatment, mXrevival has been hard at work on all of your OEM hardware. 100% of your braking system’s internals, your linkage bolts, swingarm pin, front are rear axles, engine thru-bolts, nuts & washers have been two-stage prepped, and zinc plated to a far-beyond new finish.

Cerakoted parts are starting to come back from Sano
A sneak peek at what’s to come. In just one photo we have four different finishes: Fresh zinc, gorgeous powdercoat, black hard anodize (axle blocks) and finally two types of Cerakote- Black & Glock Gray. You’re free to let your imagination take over from here.
To Learn More & Enter:
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-We suggest you start with YouTube, since every single YZ build episode (usually weekly) hosts several MX Parts Giveaways, purely as a bonus & thanks to those who’s have entered via
-This week’s YouTube giveaway boasts a brand new set of DeCal Works decals, a Phoenix Handlebars Swag Pack, a Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack for any machine, & a $100 No Toil gift card. Over 20 MX prizes have been awarded in only 4YouTube episodes!
-Donate today for your chance to win mXrevival’s THNDRCRAKR YZ250 Build. Your donation will help Road 2 Recover provide aid to fallen MX heroes- as well as our dear friend and fellow bike builder, Cameron Niemela, in his second battle with Leukemia.



If you are a fan of Supercross and motocross and over the age of 25, you might remember watching Jeremy McGrath in the late ’90s and 2000 aboard his Chaparral Motorsports-supported Yamaha YZ250 dominating SX main events across the country. This team made history as the first non-factory team in the sport to win a premier-class Supercross championship.         CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE

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