The Prairie Dogs Last Dog Standing Presented by EnduroCross has turned into an annual Cody Webb showcase, demonstrating that he is, without doubt, America’s best Extreme Enduro rider. The 2017 running of the event was dominated by the Red Bull KTM rider. In the final stage of the multi-phase elimination race, there were only two other riders that completed the two-lap race. An additional few riders were able to complete a single loop around the course, and were given credit for finishing. From the start of the day, it was apparent that only Kyle Redmond was capable of offering a challenge for Webb. In the morning’s prologue–six laps on a short infield course–Redmond remained within sight of Webb the entire time with Noah Kepple next, ahead of Ty Cullins.

Joe Bridges was the top qualifier from the amateur ranks.

Webb and the other Pros who participated in the Prologue were excused from the next race, which was a 50 minute Amateur GP around a fairly simple course. Dustin McCarthy , Hayden Hintz and Jordan Gamboa topped that race. Then came Last Dog Two, a completely different event where riders had to deal with every kind of  natural and man-made obstacle that the club could find or build on the Glen Helen facility. Any rider who could complete the seven-mile course within an hour of the leader’s time would proceed to the next round. The leader was, of course Cody Webb, who did it in 39 minutes. Redmond arrived three minutes later, while Kepple and Cullins arrived wheel-to-wheel in 55 minutes. Mike Aranda, Kevin Murphy, Joe Bridges (first non pro), Dustin McCarthy, Ryan Gouveia and Jordan Gamboa all made the cut.

Paul Krause (center) made deals and partnerships on Tire Mountain.
Ryan Gouveia came from Hawaii and qualified for the final race. He met his end on Tire Mountain.

In Last Dog Three, Kyle Redmond offered a serious challenge, taking the lead on a hill where Webb had to take a second try. At the end of the first lap, Webb was back in the lead, but Redmond was close enough to make a serious threat. When Webb came into the finish the next time, he actually passed Ty Cullins, who was in fourth place, just completing the first loop. Redmond was only a few minutes back, but it was a gap to Kepple. Cullins had fallen off the final obstacle–gigantic cement pipes–when Webb came past. That allowed Mike Aranda to catch up, but then he, too fell off the same pipe, which was a two-story drop to the ground. Aranda was credited with fifth. Official results will be available later and this page will be updated.

Mike Aranada made a spectacular finish in fifth place.
Noah Kepple was a solid third.
Although the man-made obstacles are spectacular, the race is decided on hill-climbs.
Kyle Redmond is a former winner, and the only rider to challenge Webb.
Dustin McCarthy won the morning race for amateurs.
The Prairie Dogs can be creative. The Glen Helen bridge had hanging tires and a built-in watering system.

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