On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we take a look at a 2007 Yamaha YZ250 tribute build that the head of our video department Travis Fant just completed. Travis has a couple YZ250 two-strokes now and with this build want to pay some respect to “The King” Jeremy McGrath and his Chaparral Yamaha days. In 2-Stroke Theater this week we give you a RAW look at the 2020 Yamaha YZ125X and try to answer that age old question of “Which is better two-stroke or four-stroke?”. You don’t want to miss these Travis Fant videos! Don’t miss the exclusive link to our YZ300 build at the bottom of this post.

Everyone on the staff at Dirt Bike Magazine rides a motorcycle in one way or another. Some of us are just a little more enthusiastic about it than others. Travis Fant is the head of our video department and absolutely loves riding  anything! He built this machine in his garage over the last few months with some help from his industry friends and a lot of ice cold Miller Light. The way it should be done!

DB test rider and good friend of Fant’s Jared Hicks is the owner of Backyard Designs and they handled all the graphic design on the build. Travis had an idea of what he wanted and Jared’s partner Phil put it all together.

The machine is adorn with Boyesen bolt-on items including ignition cover, RAD Valve, Supercooler and a clutch cover. Internally Travis left the engine stock just did a refresh on the top-end.

Pete at Traction MX made Travis a custom gripper seat cover that match the throwback graphics color scheme but had some modern day touches.

The TM Designs Factory Edition 1 chain guide throws it back to the early ‘2000s era and to this day is still one of the best wear items to purchase for new or older machines. They flat out work!

An FMF Factory Fatty just makes things pop! The Boyesen covers and Cycra skid plate don’t hurt the cause either.

Travis put a lot of elbow grease into building this bike and the pride shows when he is talking about it. We all get into the industry because we like to ride and then once we are in it almost always run out of time to ride . This build symbolizes what is important to us about the off-road motorcycle industry. Riding dirt bikes and having fun with your friends and family is what it’s all about!


If you like the YZ250 two-stroke build featured this week check out this YZ300 build we did earlier this year. Click the image below for more now!


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