2017 Husqvarna TC250 2-stroke
2017 Husqvarna TC250 2-stroke

Completely new for 2017, the TC 250 signifies the constant development and secure future of the historic 250cc 2-stroke in the Husqvarna line-up. With a newly designed chassis based on the new generation 2016 FC and TC models, the TC 250 sees a significant reduction in weight with increased agility and rider comfort. Additionally, the lightweight 2-stroke engine is completely redesigned and features increased efficiency, more centralized masses as well as a substantial reduction in vibration. As a result the TC 250 now offers a more refined and manageable overall package.

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New Engine
The 250cc 2-stroke engine has for long been the best combination of unsurpassed power and lightweight construction. The simplicity and low maintenance cost of the 2-stroke motor has made it a favorite amongst motocross riders for generations. Although the previous TC 250 engine was known to be the most competitive in its class, development has continued to offer Husqvarna customers a new state-of-the-art 2-stroke engine. The TC 250 engine has a completely new construction featuring a new shaft arrangements for better mass centralization, a new counter balancer shaft reducing vibration, a new twin-valve controlled power valve and re-worked 5-speed gearbox.
New Cylinder
The 66.4mm bore cylinder features a newly developed power valve system which delivers a smooth and controlled power throughout the RPM range. This can be further customized by simply changing two springs supplied altering the power delivery for different track conditions and rider preference. The new cylinder and cylinder head incorporate a new water jacket design which guarantees better heat dissipation and increased cooling under the most extreme conditions. New cylinder head mountings secure the engine to the frame while reducing vibration, ensuring a smooth ride.
 New cylinder, head and power valve → improved performance, power delivery and cooling
 New cylinder head mounts → better fixation, reduced vibration
New Piston
The new piston has an optimized shape and fits perfectly within the new cylinder. Additionally, the diameter of the piston crown has been increased for increased stability and reliability.
 New piston → increased stability and reliability
New Engine casings
The new TC 250 engine is designed with mass centralization as a key theme. As a result the lightweight, die-cast engine cases have been developed to accommodate new shaft arrangements. The clutch shaft is now 4mm higher while the crankshaft position is 19.5 mm higher centralizing oscillating mass and improving ride-ability. Additionally the counter balancer shaft has been integrated in a very compact manner in order to not affect the overall design while new engine covers offer better resistance from wear created by riders boots.
 New die cast engine cases → new shaft arrangement, improved mass centralization
 New engine covers → better resistance to wear
New Counter balancer shaft
The new engine design has allowed for the implementation of a laterally mounted counter balancer shaft. This shaft significantly reduces vibrations resulting in a more smooth and comfortable ride with less rider fatigue.
 New counter balancer shaft → significantly reduced vibration
New Crankshaft
The new crankshaft features the same 72mm stroke as the previous generation but the balance has been optimized in conjunction with the new counter balancer shaft for minimum vibration. The crankshaft is placed in the perfect position to centralize mass resulting in improved agility and handling.
 New crankshaft → optimally balanced to reduce vibration, centralize oscillating mass
New Carburetor
The MY17 TC 250 now features a 38mm flat slide Mikuni TMX carburetor replacing the previous Keihin model. This new carburetor provides a more smooth and controllable power delivery with optimal performance over the entire RPM range. Additionally, it is also very easy to tune.
 New 38mm Mikuni carburetor → improved power delivery, optimal performance
New Transmission
A new 5-speed gearbox has been developed featuring the same gear ratios as the previous generation. A revised shift mechanism ensures precise and easy shifting while an innovative shift level reduces dirt build up guaranteeing easy operation in even the toughest conditions.
 New 5-speed gearbox → precise and easy shifting
 New gear lever → prevents dirt build up and blockage
New Clutch
The TC 250 features a DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch. What this means is the clutch uses a diaphragm spring instead of the more common coil spring design which allows for a much lighter clutch action. This design also allows for a damping system which increases both traction and durability.
This combined with the Magura hydraulic system guarantees a light and modular clutch feeling which is almost maintenance and adjustment free.
 DDS clutch → light action with integrated damping system, increased traction and reliability
 Magura hydraulic system → light and modular clutch action, almost maintenance free
New Exhaust
The new exhaust pipe is manufactured by WP performance systems using a 3-dimensional stamping process. After the elements of the exhaust have been shaped it is robot welded to ensure the best durability.
 New exhaust pipe → increased durability
 State of the art 2-stroke technology
 Very competitive power to weight ratio
 Reduced maintenance costs
 Hydraulic clutch
 Excellent handling and agility
 Performance upgrade available with 300 cc Husqvarna Accessories kit

2017 Husqvarna TC125
2017 Husqvarna TC125

Additionally, the TC125, which was all-new last year, has been updated and released.
TC 125
The TC 125, is built to the same standards as its bigger siblings and is designed with premium performance and quality in mind. A compact and powerful engine is combined with a lightweight chromium molybdenum frame making the small capacity motocrosser extremely capable in the hands of future riders. The standard WP AER 48 fork, Magura hydraulic clutch and map select switch further instill quality and put the TC 125 a step ahead of the competition.
With 40 hp, and an overall weight of just 38 pounds, the 125 cc engine indicates constant development in 2-stroke technology at Husqvarna. The lightweight engine is designed to provide more torque than current 125cc 2–stroke engines making the TC 125 easier to ride for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Sticking with the overall theme of compact performance, the TC 125 engine is designed to centralize rotating mass for optimal operation with the chassis resulting in a light and agile handling feel.
 New generation 2-stroke → 40 hp, 38 pounds
 Mass-centralization → significant benefits in handling and maneuverability
Cylinder and piston
The cylinder features a 54 mm bore. Combined with an innovative power valve design, the 125 cc motor embraces every last horsepower the Teflon coated piston can provide.
 Redesigned cylinder and power valve → 360 g lighter, improved performance and cooling
The crankshaft is manufactured to be as light as possible and is balanced perfectly to reduce vibrations. The component is also positioned to ensure that the rotational mass created has very little effect on the handling of the motorcycle.
 Lightweight crankshaft → very little vibration
High-pressure die cast production processes keep the overall weight to a minimum, resulting in thin wall thickness. The historical Husqvarna logo adorns the bronze finished crankcase covers.
 High pressure die cast production process → thin walls resulting in light weight, while maintaining strength
New Carburetor
The 2017 TC 125 now features a 38mm flat slide Mikuni TMX carburetor replacing the previous Keihin model. This new carburetor provides a more smooth and controllable power delivery with optimal performance over the entire RPM range. Additionally, it is also very easy to tune.
 New 38mm Mikuni carburetor → improved power delivery, optimal performance
The 6-speed gear box is a light and compact unit with precise shifting and gearing perfectly suited for motocross.
 6-speed gearbox → specific motocross gearing
Magura clutch
The hydraulic Magura clutch guarantees excellent modulation and clutch action.
 Magura hydraulic clutch → excellent modulation
The exhaust has been designed to offer the best possible performance while working together with the chassis design to offer the best possible center of gravity and weight distribution.
 Exhaust → best possible performance with the best handling characteristics.
 Continuous 2-stroke development offering maximum performance and low running costs
 Low weight and agile handling for easy access to competition-level motocross
 Hydraulic clutch
 High quality standard components

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