What is a Jotagas 300 Enduro? On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you an exclusive first look thanks to Clay Stucky who will be importing bikes in the near future. Stucky has been the importer for such brands as GasGas and most recently Sherco. In our 2-Stroke Behind The Build section we take a look “TMzilla” , a Honda CR500 powered project with TM importer Ralf Schmidt.

The brand name is changing in Europe to G2 but due to trademark issues it will have to remain Jotagas or JTG in the US. The styling lines are very similar to the 2020 GasGas 300 Enduro models released at the end of 2019 with some slight changes throughout. Clay states that the MSRP will be  $ 8,500 in the US. He doesn’t have an exact delivery date but might have some units air freighted in before the start of 2021.


Above is a closer look at the Jotagas engine. You can clearly see a cone pipe on the exhaust side and a kick-starter.  This model is carbureted and is equipped with a hydraulic clutch. Rumor has it that the ECU will be fully programable.  Stucky does not have specs on these machines but says it will be similar to other brands currently on the market.

The Jotagas 300 Enduro model will come with Ohlins suspension front and rear. Clay Stucky will be setting up selected dealers in the US while also sell the Jotagas 300 Enduro, G2 Trials bikes and electric assist mountain bikes directly to the public.  For more info on the complete line offered by Jotagas go to


TM is a small motorcycle manufacturer located in a small town in the Italian countryside. TM makes a limited number of hand-built, very specialized machines each year and is perfectly content doing so. The largest-bore two-stroke TM has ever produced is 300cc, and we don’t think TM plans to change that any time soon. Enter Ralf Schmidt. Ralf is the current TM U.S. importer. He is all about big-bore two-strokes and specifically the Honda CR500R. Our “TMzilla” project was fueled by Ralf’s rare combination of interests.

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