PRODUCT: EKS Brand goggles have been around for many years, but its new $49.99 Enduro/OTG goggle is new. It is based on the comfortable and flexible poly-flex GOX Flat Out Elite series goggle. It can use any of the many GOX lenses, but it comes fitted with a single-pane smoked lens with vents in the upper part of the lens. The vents are back with foam. A second clear vented lens and a protective goggle bag are included. Both lenses come equipped with integrated pins for tear-offs. Triple-layer face foam that is a full inch thick sets the Enduro/OTG goggle apart from the GOX. It has a layer of sweat-wicking fleece that contacts your face. The thick foam has molded indents that allow the face foam to allow room for eyeglass frames.

OUR TAKE: Vision is super important while riding or driving, and if you wear corrective eyeglasses, you undoubtedly face challenges. For some vision-challenged folks, contacts can do the trick; for others, glasses are the only answer, but you must fit them inside the goggles. The EKS Brand Enduro/OTG goggle will not fit over large eyeglass frames, but it worked on smaller-framed glasses just fine. Our first ride with the Enduro goggle was 32 miles of tight singletrack. We were wearing a jacket for the brush, and normally it would have been fog city, but the anti-fog-coated lens (we opted for clear) with vents kept us fog-free all day.

Some OTG goggles have a strap that is too short. It is difficult to wear a goggle over glasses if the strap is too tight, but the EKS Enduro goggle has an adjustable, double-buckle strap that is plenty long over an XL helmet. The strap is silicone-backed to keep it in place on your helmet. In faster, dusty conditions, neither the foam-backed lens vents nor the vent foam in the frame passed much dust, and we were able to wipe the Lexan lens with a glove to wipe the dust while riding. Despite the cool days, fogging was not an issue. 

For the enduro-minded rider and the pilot who wears glasses, this is an excellent option. It flows more air, it’s super comfortable, the vented lens fights fogging, and it’s sized nicely if you wear regular to smallish spectacles. Hopefully we’ll see a larger version in the future (since larger-framed glasses are in vogue), but as it is, the Enduro/OTG goggle comes in two colors (black or liquid cyan) and is a worthy addition for the off-road, vision-challenged rider.
PRICE: $49.99    CONTACT: www.eksbrand.com

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