PRODUCT: The D.I.D 520 VT2 narrow X-ring chain is a high-quality chain for desert or enduro riders, or for the MXer who wants a long-lasting chain that has half the power loss of a normal O-ring chain and benefits from reduced maintenance (over a non-O-ring).

POSITIVES: The biggest thing that the X-ring chain brings to the table is less friction, and friction is something every O-ring chain on the planet struggles with. Stick on an O-ring chain and you can feel the drag on the powerplant. D.I.D’s patented X-ring construction (O-rings with ridges) reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed. This twisting action minimizes power loss. In addition, the X-ring’s four contact points increase sealing performance, which keeps dirt out and lubrication in. Compared with a normal O-ring chain, the D.I.D will last one and a half to two times longer.

NEGATIVES: A quality chain breaker and press tool will be required for proper installation. And while we couldn’t get a retail price, online costs range from $114 to just over $150. Take the time to research a reputable dealer and get the best price.

BOTTOM LINE: We installed the D.I.D 520 VT2 on our 2018 RM-Z450 as soon as the stock chain wore out. This machine spends about half of its life on a motocross track and the other half in the high desert, so it gets some serious mileage onto the driveline. The chain did stretch during the initial voyage, but since then it has hardly stretched at all. With 25 hours on it, the wear is slight. It felt like we gave the RM-Z a shot of power simply because of the decrease in wheel drag. Also, there is almost no maintenance required. We never shoot high-pressure water straight at the side plates, preferring to follow a 2-foot rule, which gets the dirt off but doesn’t cause water to penetrate the rings that seal the side plates. Then we coat it with a good lube to keep the X-rings pliable and to disperse water.

PRICE: Online prices range from $114–$152

CONTACT: www.didchain.com/endurochains.html


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