Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I recently bought a Beta 390 RR-S dual-sport bike. I love the bike but don’t care for the handlebars or the cramped riding position. The Beta top triple clamp has three holes for bar adjustment, plus the bar clamp itself can be rotated for even more room. I use Fasst Co. Flexx bars on my bike, but I can’t make them fit in the forward position because of the Trail Tech computer that came on the bike. The double crossbar on the Flexx bars hits the computer, and the ignition key won’t turn on. Since you know it all, can you tell me who makes an adjustable bracket to relocate the Trail Tech computer so I can use my beloved Flexx bars.
Mark Marks
via [email protected]

Really? Mark Marks? Your name sounds like a Jack Russell terrier with a stutter; however, you have two redeeming qualities going for you: your choice in motorcycles and your love for Flexx bars. Yes, the double crossbar can be an issue when competing for real estate on the handlebar, but that isn’t an insurmountable obstacle in itself. I’d recommend you start by removing the offending front number plate/headlight holder and the Trail Tech mounting bracket. Install the handlebars in the clamps where they’re the most comfortable for you, then simply bend the offending computer bracket so it clears the crossbar. The number plate/headlight will most likely need to be trimmed to make room for the relocated Trail Tech computer. Simply place the plastic number plate back onto the front fender and mark the area that needs to be trimmed. Using an electric heat gun or your dog’s hair dryer to warm the plastic makes it easier to cut. If your parents trust you with something like a sharp razor blade, trim around the area you marked until the headlight returns to its proper position. It’s really okay to trim the front number plate on your motorcycle, because I doubt it’ll ever be called into service to hold race numbers.
You’re welcome, and you really should have known!

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