Stephanie Slattery gives us all the juicy details on three hot products from Leatt for 2021.

LEATT MOTO 8.5 HELMET:  Leatt helmets feature category-defining 360 Turbine technology, which are discs constructed from an energy-absorbing material designed to allow the head to move slightly inside the helmet during a crash, reducing rotational, direct and deflective impact energy. New for 2021, Leatt has introduced a completely redesigned helmet with their 9.5 Carbon and 8.5 Composite helmets. Incorporated with four densities of impact foam in five locations, as well as a Pro-Fit comfort liner that stretches over your head to provide superior comfort and stability. Large ventilation channels can be found throughout the entire helmet to keep your head cool, even at lower speeds.  A free pair of Leatt bulletproof goggles are included!
Price: $449.99, 8.5 Composite helmet

Leatt X-Frame Hybrid Knee Braces: The all-new Leatt X-Frame Hybrid knee brace is manufactured from Injected Carbon Composite and is the top-level cage-type knee brace. They have a 40-percent-slimmer hinge on the inside to provide superior bike feel, while the outer hinge has metal gears for durable and precise movement. Using a separate sleeve with a CE-certified impact protector built in reduces the bulk in the knee area and allows freer knee movement. A numbered strapping system has been added for ease, and different-sized hinge pads are included with a low-profile shin plate, all to ensure the fit is perfect for you and, above all, comfortable. Engineered to help reduce injuries (ACL, meniscus and MCL), it is CE-certified as a medical device and as impact protection.
Price: $449.99 per pair

Leatt Flexlock 5.5 Enduro Boots: The Leatt 5.5 FlexLock boots are the result of a three-year project with long-term development and testing using Leatt’s pro athletes from all over the world. They soon identified the need for an enduro-specific boot, so with the help of Jonny Walker, it’s here with a special sole to help when pushing the bike. The 5.5 boot design was designed with comfort and protection in mind. As you slide your foot inside Leatt’s boots, you instantly feel the plush interior and quality of the materials used; it’s like putting your feet inside your favorite shoes or slippers! The adjustable FlexLock system reduces forces to the ankle by up to 37 percent and the knee by up to 35 percent by locking out the ankle movement when over flexed, giving you that feeling of security. With great feel of the frame, shift lever and rear brake, these boots instantly feel so good. You must check out the SlideLock Velcro function; it really is ground-breaking in security-fastening boot technology.
Price: $399.99

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