On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you an exclusive first look at Cody Webb’s 2020 factory KTM 300 TPI race machine. We have products from Risk Racing and Boyesen featured in the 2-Stroke Hardware section and 2-Stroke Theater has a variety of premix burning machines for your viewing pleasure. Don’t miss the exclusive link at the bottom of this post to an insane 440cc KTM project that will blow your mind!

Just like most factory machines Cody’s bike does have some items not available to the public but surprisingly most the items can be bought at your local KTM dealer or online retailer.

ARC folding levers are a must when doing extreme enduros. They fold during a crash preventing them from breaking.

IMS Products makes a couple different versions of their Core peg. Cody like a slightly more aggressive tooth setup than what comes on his machine stock. The sharper teeth keep his feet firmly in place.

This little gadget is  a lot more important than it looks, especially for extreme guys that are always smashing their pipes on things. We have seen the pipe get hit just right and break off the entire piece of the cylinder that the pipe slips into. That is almost a guaranteed DNF.

The Nihilo Concepts CNC machined billet aluminum throttle housing provides some bling and a ton of added strength. You will find these on the MX factory race machines as well.

The Zip Ty Racing shark fin has been around for over a decade now and is almost indestructible, trust us we have tried to break it! The design has been slightly altered and streamlined throughout the years.

Factory stopping power from Brembo!



The 2 Stroke Revolution is ALIVE! In the last several years rider’s are once again seeing the value of two-stroke MX/Offroad machines. Boyesen has consistently remained the leader in development and service of intake products and we offer the widest application range of easy to install and cost effective intake performance parts in the world. Our reed upgrades like the legendary Power Reed offers smart performance gains without excessive costs, while our newly revised RC2 Rad Valve system is now designed to be even more potent and durable in recent years. Our intake products remain one of the more approachable and most effective upgrades available for your 2-stroke MX or Offroad machine. With an application lists that covers most make/model/years from the early 80’s up to the latest 2019 bikes, Boyesen has a performance intake solution for all 2-stroke enthusiasts. Our intake products give you the ability to custom-tailor your bike’s power without breaking your bank account.


The Risk Racing A.T.S Stand features an adjustable top with oversized non-marring rubber surface, anodized CNC machined aluminum turnbuckles a magnetic bolt panel on both sides with a powder coated steel construction for durability.


If you like the KTM featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out this insane KTM project! Click the image below for more now.


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